Moller's Villa

Moller, a foreign adventurer dealing with horse and dog racing gambling business in Xhanghai in 1920s built this garden villa in Yaerpei Road (present day Shannxi Nanlu Road) in 1936 when succeeded in his business. The main building connectes with side buildings, showing a unique scene with high and low steep roofs and convex and concave surface. The gates and windows are in arch shapes with their frames protruding out of the wall. The two main towers are tall and straight, looking like a sheath with many windows on the top. And small pointed pagodas were built on the edges and corners of the buildings to make a harmony with the main towers, looking gorgeous. The whole building in a color of reddish brown was built with firebricks with colorful ceramic bricks embedded, looking like a wonderland. The rooms were in various sizes with unusual complicated decorations. The stairs, floor and wall board with Western style carvings were all made of teak with a color of reddish brown.

There are high bounding walls around the garden built by firebricks with glazed tiles on the top. The greenhouse, grape house and some other were all covered with ceramic tiles. And there were horse and dog graves in the garden because Moller loved horses and dogs dearly and a bronze horse statue and a marble gravestone were erected in the garden. The gate at the entrance was red with two lions standing on each side of the gate. The bounding wall was also built by firebricks with a reddish brown color and the top was covered by glazed arched tiles. The designer of this villa was just daughter of Moller. One day the girl had dreamed a big house in a structure of the wonderland. So the father Moller built this unique Norway style villa in line with the house in her daughter's dream which was in a Scandinavian taste.