the Old House of the Rong Family

No.186, on North Shanxi Road, is a three-story-high detached western garden house, which was the early dwelling place of them in Shanghai, and was also called the Old House of Rongs'. The plot area of this estate is 6.26 mu, architectural area, 2182 m2, and garden area, 2475m2. Considering the aspects of architectural techniques, building structure, and dwelling fecilities, the Rong Family's Old House adopted the western style, while considering the plot planning, inside and outside decoration, and tree-planning of the garden, traditional Chinese customs and preferences are preserved.

Because of the regeneration of the Rongs' and the development of their business, the family members left the old house one after another, and built and settled in their own houses. The old house was, therefore, deserted and locked up for many years. After liberation, Rong Xiaofan, who was entrusted as the agent of this estate, rented the house to the Economics Institute of China.