Jewish Club(Ye Yiquan's House)

At No.722, West Nanjing Road sits a stately and elegant building with a feel of primitive simplicity. It was once the location of the Shanghai Jewish Club, and is now the headquarters of the Chunlan Group.

The Jewish Club mansion, with an architectural area of 5,126m2, is representative of the Pseudo-Renaissance style of architecture. The front takes on a rectangular shape and the elevation is perfectly symmertrical. There a lowslope roof, covered with red flat tiles. An arched porch with two columns is located at the main entrance. The floor design is a mosaic of white and black marble. On the two wings, the wall on the two wings, the wall on the first floor leads toa Tashkent-style arched corridor, over which there is a large balcony adorned with curved railing of granite plaster. The elevation is supported with golden bamboo, while the first floor is finished with artificial stone. The meticulously designed windows and entry porch are supported by small classical columns. There is an arc in the center of the entrance hall for decoration, carved in an extremely sophisticated way. The building contains a dance hall, a small theatre, a bar, a dining hall featuring a carefully planned spring floor, and various other rooms. The interior walls are made of teaksood. The first floor corridor is covered with a Gothic flat roof, and inlaid with stained glass, demonstrating the exceptional skills and wonderful workmanship that went into this building's design.

In 1961, the building was transferred from the Shanghai Textile Industry Administration Bureau to the Land Administration Bureau. It was used as an office for the Shanghai People's Political Consultative Conference, and then later became the Shanghai Friendship Club. In 1998 it was transferred to the Chunlan Group, the producer of Chunlan air conditioners, and the building now serves as the group's headquarters.