Tour of Jingan District——The Red Tour

Mao Zedong's former residence

With the magnificent ‘Jiaxiuli’ gateway, primitive flagstones walkways, nostalgic brick walls and old houses in the style of Stone Gate, you will be brought back to the old-fashioned alleys of Shanghai in 1930’s. In 1924, Mao’s family came to Shanghai and lived here. Themed by ‘Mao Zedong in Shanghai’, the exhibition of Mao’s residence in Shanghai tells you the entangling story of Mao and Shanghai. The period during which Mao was in the Division of Enforcement of the Nationalist Party particularly embodies the important historic status of Mao’s former residence. It is the only former residence of Mao that is open to public in Shanghai.

Address:No5 to No9, Lane 583, Weihai Road, Shanghai


Traffic:No127、No71、No23、No49,subway line 1 and line 2

Mao Zedong's former residence


Site of the China Labor Secretary Department

Having been spruced up, the exhibition hall now is in a brisk modern style with its stately sense of history.  The flying five-star red flag in front of the door seems to tell the important status the China Labor Secretary Department had in the history of Chinese Workers’ Movement.

Address:No5, Lane893, North Chengdu Road, Shanghai




Liu Changsheng’s former residence

A western-style building with spire and pebble walls stands in the blatant prosperous business center in the Jing’an Temple. It looks so quiet, stately and implicit. It is the former residence of Liu Changsheng who was the outstanding leader of Shanghai Worker’s Movement and the Shanghai Underground Communist Party, as well as one of the secret sites of the Central Committee of CPC in Shanghai. Currently, the residence has a collection of about 100 cultural relics bestowed by old comrades who used to take part in the Shanghai Underground Communist Party. 

Address: No81, Yuyuan Road, Shanghai


Traffic:No825、No21、No76、No57、subway line 2


Site of the Second National Congress of the CPC

Under the Middle Yan’an Road viaduct in Shanghai, a Stone Gate building has stood in grass and bamboos for almost one hundred years, and this building is the Site of the Second National Congress of the CPC.

It is a typical Stone Gate building which used to be the private residence of Li Da. It was spruced up in honor of the 80th anniversary of the opening of the Second National Congress of the CPC on July 2002, and since then it has been officially open to public. 

Address:No30, Lane7, North Chengdu Road, Shanghai