Tour of Jingan District——The Golden Tour

Ruan Lingyu:  Born in Xiangshan, Guangdong province, she was a famous latter-day movie actress. She used to live in No9 building, Qinyuancun, No1124,Xinzha Road, Shanghai in 1933 until her death. Her former residence was of new alley style. 

Zhou Xuan: Born in Changzhou, Jiangsu Province, she was originally named Su Pu. Being a movie star, she enjoyed a reputation of having a golden voice. During 1932 to 1957, she lived in No67 building, Zhenliu Apartment, No731, Huashan Road, Shanghai. Her residence was of eclecticism style.

Zhou Xinfang: Born in Cixi, Zhejiang Province, he used to live in No778,Changle Road for a long time. He was a master of Peking Opera as well as the initiator of Lin Faction. He was the first president of Shanghai Peking Opera Troupe. His former residence was a garden house in European style.

Zhang Ailing:She was a woman writer. She lived in Room51 of Changde Apartment in 1939, and in the same year she went to Hongkong. Back to Shanghai in 1942, she lived in Room 60 of Changde Apartment again until 1947. Her residence was of modern style.

Cai Yuanpei: He was crowned to be the leading authority on academy and a model to all. In October 1937, he began to live in a garden house which now is No16, Lane 303, Huashan Road. It was a free-standing garden house.

Shi Liangcai: He lived in what now is No257,Tongren Road from 1904 to 1934. He founded Cansang Women School in Shanghai in 1904 and began his industrial education. From 1927, step by step he bought most part of the stocks of Shishi Newspaper and Xinwen Newspaper, thus becoming a tycoon in newspaper industry. His former residence was a free-standing garden house. 

Rong ZongJin: Being a national capitalist, he was entitled to be the king of flour and the king of cotton yarn at the end of the 19th century. His former residence was in No186, North Shanxi Road, which was a free-standing garden house.

Liu Huizhi: Born in Lujiang, Anhui Province, he was a famous banker and personal collector. His house was too small to hold more books, so in 1934 he built a ‘Xiaoxiao Book Attic’ which was in No1321, Xinzha Road. His former residence was a traditional Chinese building.

Eric Maller:He was a Jew with a British nationality. From 1930, he used 6 years  to build Maller Villa-----a private garden which is No30, South Shanxi Road now. It is said that it was built according to a dream , so it is also called ‘Dream Apartment’.His former residence was a garden house of Northern European style.

Erie Kadoori:He was a Jew with a British nationality. From 1931 to 1944, he lived in ‘Marble Mansion’ which now is No 64, West Yan’an Road. He came to Shanghai around 1920’s and 1930’s, and he ran business dealing with gas, electric power and rubber products. His former residence was of classical style.