St. Theresa Catholic Church


Located on Datong Road (today Datian Road), the St. Theresa Catholic Church is also called Datong Road Catholic Church. It was built in 1920. Therese was a nun at the Carmelite convent at Lisieux. She died at the age of 24. Her autobiography “"Story of a Soul” has been translated into Chinese. In 1925, she was canonized by Pope Pius XI.  In order to commemorate Therese, the Shanghai Catholic Parish built this church. Religious activities in the church were restarted in 1993.

The Church is in the Roman architectural style, having spacious peridrome inside, circular vault over the alter, and semi-circular windows and pendentives. It has exquisite interior decoration with the special pattern of roses on the pillars, floor tiles and lamp shadesin memory of St. Theresa. During the Great Cultural Revolution, the St. Theresa Catholic Church was occupied by Qunyi Radio Factory and divided into three floors.

At present there are over 300 Catholics in Jing’an District.