Yuanming Buddhist Rites Hall

Located at 434 West Yan'an Road, Yuanming Buddhist Rites Hall is one of the key Buddhist temples in the Han region of China. It was established in the autumn of 1934 by Master Yuanying, a contemporary patriotic Buddhist. The Hall got its name firstly from the supreme Buddhist theory “Benefiting people in ten directions and Enlightening the Buddhist circle” and secondly from the Buddhist ranking --- the first characters of Yuanying and his disciple Mingyang. The old building now used as the memorial to Master Yuanying is a donation by his disciples Gu Liancheng and his wife. The newer building was constructed at the same time as Rendezvous Merry Hotel. Recently Yuanming Buddhist Rites Hall has bought some workshops of the neighboring No.4 Camera Factory and will start the rebuilding soon. The old building will be demolished and a green land will be built in its place.