With the ancient Jing'an Temple and Nine-century City Plaza on each side, the Jing'an Pedestrian Street is a combination of Chinese traditional heritages of commercial cultures and modern high-class shopping centers.
Jing'an Temple Pedestrian Street will become a landmark when the municipal government of Shanghai takes to upgrade the Jing'an Temple area into a major downtown shopping center in the early twenty-first century. The 140-meter-long street occupies an area of 2,100 square meters, starting from West Nanjing Road in the south and ending at the Yuyuan Road in the north. Though a relatively small area, the pedestrian street spares no efforts in inheriting the Buddhistic culture of Jing'an Temple while keeping up with the fashions ushered in through Ninecentury City Plaza.
The pedestrian street bases its design on the concepts of "High, Exquisite, Elegant". After its completion, the street will attain a distinctive architectural charm in the Jing'an Temple area while serving the needs for sightseeing, leisure, and shopping.

Address:Between Jiu Guang City Plaza and Jing'an Temple

Bus numbers 20,37,76,57,15,97,45,93,830,838,and No.2 Metro Line