The year 2006 is the first year of “11th Five-Year Plan”. Under the leadership of Jing’an District Committee of CPC and District Government, following scientific concept of development, Jing’an people enable national economy and social undertakings to maintain the momentum of sound and rapid development and fulfill the task of getting the “11th Five-Year Plan” off to a good start with the truth-seeking and pioneering spirit, laying the good foundation for the construction of internationalized and harmonious Jing’an District.

. Review on National Economic and Social Development in 2006

1. The key economic and social indictors showing the fulfillment of the desired objectives at the beginning of the year with the sound and rapid development economically and socially

Key Indicators

Desired Objectives in 2006

Total in A Year

Accumulative Total (In RMB100 million)

Year-on-Year Growth Rate

Added value of Jing’an District

Up by 12%



District-level fiscal revenue

Up by 12%



Total volume of retail sales of social consumer goods

Up by 8~10%



Export value

US$310 million



The volume of direct foreign investment funds

US$165 million



The volume of social fixed asset investment

RMB4.3~4.6 billion



The number of new jobs created



The number of the registered unemployment

Less than 7,500


The added value reached RMB9.707 billion all year round, up by 12.05% on the year-on-year basis. The district-level fiscal revenue reached RMB3.462 billion, up by 12.23%. The volume of retail sales of social consumer goods reached RMB15.332 billion, up by 10.53%. The investment of RMB5.819 billion was made in fixed assets, up by 2.02%. The actually received foreign investment reached US$250 million, up by 24.38%. The export value reached US$312 million, up by 5.8%.

The 36,600 new jobs were created, overfulfilling the objective set by Shanghai Municipal Government and the number of the registered unemployment was 7,162 within a limit.

2. Modern service industry driving the concerted development of district economy with the optimized industrial structure

Modern service industry in rapid growth with the professional services industry at the heart. The tertiary industry with modern service industry as the core had the added value of RMB8.376 billion, accounting for 86.3% of total added value of Jing’an District with an increase of 2.17% over the previous year. The professional services industry had the added value of RMB1.771 billion with an increase of 20.54%, keeping ahead of other industries in growth rate. Other industries were also driven by the professional services industry, especially creativity industry that enlivened the spirit of innovation of modern service industry. The fashionable and cultural creativity community of “The New Factories” to be available in the second half of the year is the model that fits the development trend of Jing’an District with the reutilization of old factories in step with the development of economy and society.

The development and adjustment of Nanjing Road of Jing’an District intensified with a focus on the construction of business circle. The 35 shops on Nanjing Road of Jing’an District were updated in 2006 and the 161 brands were accumulatively removed and introduced by Meilongzhen Plaza, CITIC Square, Plaza 66, SOGO and Golden Eagle Shopping Center, which marks the completion of restructuring of Wangjiasha business circle. Centering about “How to build Nanjing Road of Jing’an District into one of the shopping landmarks in the world”, the “Harvard Business Review” Case Study Contest was successfully held, which promotes the reputation of Nanjing Road. In 2006, the foreign-funded retail and wholesale companies were set up for 16 world-class business brands with the launch of flagship shops and specialty stores in Jing’an District.

The export-oriented and internationalized characteristics demonstrated with foreign-funded enterprises playing the leading role. In 2006, the foreign-involved tax revenue accounted for 51.6% of total tax revenue of Jing’an District with a year-on-year increase of 33.5%. The 178 foreign investment projects were introduced with the contractual value of US$452 million and the actually received value of US$250 million, up by 24.38%. The foreign-funded enterprises in Jing’an District hold the positive attitudes on the prospect of Jing’an District with the increasing investment and the extended scale.

The district development featuring building economy. The buildings and big enterprises made more contributions to economic development of Jing’an District. The 80 primary buildings in the district paid the taxes of RMB4.083 billion with an increase of 27.38% over the previous year, 7% more than the growth rate of total tax of Jing’an District. There were 9 buildings that paid the taxes accounting for 51.2% with the value of over RMB100 million.

3. The remarkable achievements resulted from the implementation of national macro control policy with the enhancement of district overall service capacity

Fixed assets investment restructured. In 2006, the investment of RMB5.819 billion was made on fixed assets, up by 2.02% over the previous year. The investment of RMB591 million was made on infrastructure construction and building reconstruction with a year-on-year increase of 22.16%. The investment of RMB5.228 billion was made on commercial houses with an increase of 0.16%, fairly equaling to that of the previous year.

Real estate market remaining growing in the stable and rational manners. The excess demand in real estate market was oppressed after the two rounds of macro control. In 2006, the new commercial houses with total area of 324.9 thousand m2 were sold in Jing’an District, down by 7% over the previous year with total value of RMB647.5 thousand, up by 1.2%. The real estate market of Jing’an District in 2006 featured the improvement of housing quality and the increase of business and office properties. The new residential houses with total area of 118.9 thousand m2 were sold, down by 48.75% over the previous year. The houses for business use with total area of 206 thousand m2 were sold, up by 75.6% over the previous year.

The prominent progress made on the functional development of Jing’an Temple area. The second-stage project of Plaza 66 was going to be put into operation, the pre-leasing activity of Park Place was carried out, the structure’s roof was completed for downtown terminal building auxiliary project, the progress of Wheelock Square was being accelerated and East China Sea Plaza was acquired by Morgan Stanley and was put into reconstruction after a decade of shutdown. The preparations for the kick-off of the second-stage project of KerryCenter and 4507 Base were in the progress. With the progress of the construction of these high-quality office buildings, Jing’an Temple area preliminarily became the new landmark of Nanjing (West) Road.

4. More attention paid on the people’s livelihood and social undertakings to enable them to live and work in peace and contentment

Vocational trainings offered with the improvement of employment environment in combination with the economic and social characteristics of Jing’an District. In step with the industrial restructuring of Jing’an District and according to the trend of economic development and the demand of labor market, the focus of vocational training was shifted to modern service industry, creativity industry and IT industry. In 2006, the medium and high-level talents and inter-disciplinary talents who benefited from vocational training accounted for 66.5% in Jing’an District, 6% higher than the average in the city. The pattern with competence-oriented employment at the heart was taken into shape with the successful fulfillment of various targets.

More efforts made on social assistance and social security with district characteristics highlighted. In 2006, the social assistance grants of RMB19.835 million were distributed and more people can benefit from housing security system. The 927 households have accumulatively settled down in low-rent houses with the success rate of 98.1%. With a view to the severe situation of population aging, Jing’an District seeks to present the new model of service for the aged with the pilot implementation of “Old People’s Home” community old-aid service. The 254 additional beds were offered for the elderly.

The new progress made on community construction with the steady promotion of community public facilities construction. By the end of the year, among 15 projects of CommunityAffairsHandlingServiceCenter, CommunityHealthcareServiceCenter and CommunityCulturalActivityCenter in 5 sub-districts, the 11 projects have been examined and accepted. The construction of 29 standard healthcare stations has been completed with around-the-clock call service, extending the network of community medical and healthcare service throughout the district.

Seeking to improve people’s housing conditions under the new model of old district renovation. In 2006, the old houses with total area of 22 thousand m2 on 20 lands were renovated. The expansion project of 15 lands covering an area of 10.9 thousand m2 was completed. Jing’an District took the lead in the fulfillment of “Flat-Roof-To-Slope-Roof” task, the comprehensive improvement of the commonly shared sections and kitchens of old residential buildings for more than 50 thousand households and the renovation of old residential buildings for more than 10 thousand households from public bathroom to private one. The projects solved the long-standing issues that troubled the residents and were well received by them. Especially, the follow-up to the renovation from public bathroom to private one was reported by CCTV NEWS, arousing the strong response.

. Outlook to National Economy and Social Development in 2007

(一)Development ideas and major projected objectives in 2007

1. Development ideas

Implementing the spirit of the 16th Party Congress, the 6th Plenary Session of the 16th CPC Central Committee and the 10th Plenary Session of the 8th Municipal Committee as well as the 8th Jing’an District Congress of Party Representatives, Jing’an District will uphold scientific development and promote harmonious society to strive for the modern and internationalized district. Following the idea of “high level, export-oriented and internationalized” and the strategy of “To be the high-taste business district and high-quality living district”, Jing’an District should work on the various tasks of “11th Five-Year Plan” to promote Jing’an District to be internationalized and to progress in the sound and rapid manners economically and socially.


2. Major projected objectives in 2007

Key Indicators

Projected Objectives in 2007

Added value of the district

Up by 10%

District-level fiscal revenue

Up by 10%

Total volume of retail sales of social consumer goods

Up by 10%

Export value

Up by 5%

The volume of direct foreign investment funds

US$200 million

The volume of social fixed asset investment

RMB5.8 billion

GDP energy consumption (In RMB10 thousand)

Fulfilling the objective set by Shanghai Municipal Government

Proportion of science and technology input in district-level fiscal expenditure 


The number of new jobs created

Fulfilling the objective set by the municipal government(19,100) and try to reach 20,000

The number of the registered unemployment

Fulfilling the control objective set by the municipal government (7,160)

(二) Major tasks for national economy and social development in 2007

1. Promoting the transformation of government functions, increasing administrative efficiency and creating the good “soft” environment to ensure the district to develop in the sound and rapid manners economically and socially

Strengthening the concerted efforts of departments and increasing service awareness to promote the construction of public service-oriented government. The departments should achieve unity in thinking and strengthen the sense of responsibility, the sense of urgency and the sense of mission in good spirits to improve social management and public service. Jing’an District should straighten out the relationships between government and enterprises and market and society and intensify the reform of administrative approval system with the optimization of approval process and the reinforcement of follow-up management to create the good “soft” environment for the development of enterprises. With a focus on the construction of harmonious society, more attention should be paid on practical projects, social undertakings and social security through policy and fiscal support.

Making efforts on both service and supervision to create the healthy and orderly market environment. Along with strengthening service, the departments should be responsible for safeguarding market order. Centering about the construction of “credit system”, Jing’an District should improve non-examination mechanism, the establishment of credit database and social integrity system to create the honest, orderly and harmonious competition environment and promote the interaction of enterprises and the upgrade of industrial cluster. Especially, more efforts should be made on the control and supervision of the key fields that involve the safety of people’s lives and property like food & drug, food hygiene and special equipments to guarantee people’s health and safety.    

2. Strengthening industrial adjustment and optimizing development environment to bring Jing’an District in line with international standards economically

Consolidating modern service industry promotion mechanism with a focus on modern service industry. Jing’an District should promote modern service industry development program and the progress of its restructuring, highlight the development advantages of professional services industry and develop the distinctive industrial functions. Especially, the district should introduce the world-class service principals to drive other industries and social undertakings for common development.

Strengthening the functional development of the district under the guidance of “11th Five-Year Plan”.  Under the guidance of “11th Five-Year Plan”, Jing’an District should follow the idea of “One street and five sections, renovation in southern area and construction in northern area” to optimize the overall layout of the district and enhance the overall service function of the district through promoting the development of surrounding area of Nanjing Road and the renovation of old areas and intensifying the construction of municipal infrastructures and ecological environment. Jing’an District should also work well on the management of the planning to effectively implement the plans and intensify the development plan of key areas and special development plan to initiate the planning of Binhe modern service industry cluster area and complete the compilation of regulatory detailed plan for the whole district.

Promoting the key projects that concern the development of Jing’an District to ensure the continued growth. Jing’an District should improve the key projects promotion mechanism to accelerate the development of surrounding area of Nanjing Road in full efforts. The coordination and service should be strengthened to promote the progress of key ongoing projects like Park Place and Wheelock Square, the kick-off of the projects like second-stage project of KerryCenter and 4507 Base and the completion and operation of the projects like second-stage project of Plaza 66 and East China SeaPlaza. The supporting infrastructures should be improved to promote the reorganization of traffic network with Jing’an Temple area at the heart, the establishment of parking system, the optimization of landscape environment and the development of underground space.

3. Promoting the coordinated development of economy and society, paying highly attention to people’s living and solving the realistic concerns that are directly related to people’s interests to bring Jing’an District in line with international standards socially

Transforming the mode of economic growth to build resource-saving and environmental-friendly society. In 2007, the two additional indicators of science and technology input and GDP energy consumption will reflect the transformation of the mode of economic growth and the construction of economized society. Jing’an District should promote the implementation of “Platform for Action of Jing’an District on Strengthening Independent Innovation” and ensure the financial investment on science and technology with the stress on the effectiveness of the investment. For the indicator of GDP energy consumption, though the specified objective is not set by the municipal government, the departments concerned should take the constructive actions and make good preparations to strengthen the awareness of energy saving and consumption reduction to hold the positive position.

Steadily promoting the construction of harmonious society to improve the functions of public service. Jing’an District should increase the financial input in the development of residential communities, facilitate the construction of 4 unqualified projects of 3 centers of residential community and complete the examination and acceptance of office houses and general houses in 37 residential communities. The district should straighten out the relationships between neighborhood committee and property management company and owner’s committee and improve the system of hearing, coordination and appraisal to systematize and standardize the consultation of residential community. The efforts should be made on the development and supervision to set up non-governmental organization federation that is engaged in the development of public-interest non-governmental organization of residential community. In order to develop community service industry, the district should foster and specify a group of trustable units that offer community services and try to set up community service personnel training base and community service project claim platform to develop community volunteer service.

Improving employment promotion mechanism and social assistance management system and guaranteeing the basic needs of the people who are in extraordinarily straitened circumstances to fully implement the various measures of social security. Jing’an District should rely on all quarters of society to improve employment assistance mechanism and employment long-standing mechanism for full and stable employment. Jing’an District should establish and develop the mechanism of linking economic development with employment promotion to promote the employment by means of government, society and market. It should perfect social assistance management system, strengthen social assistance, make more people benefit from welfare policies, improve social assistance policies in education and medical treatment and make clear 3-level social assistance mechanism of district, sub-district and neighborhood committee. It should also develop the undertakings for the public good like charity and regulate social assistance to guarantee the basic needs of the people.