Shanghai Jing’an Scientific Trade Zone(2009-3-6)

Shanghai Jingan Scientific Trade Zone is a district-level high technology and trade zone, approved by Peoples Government of Jingan District, sponsored by Science and Technology Committee of Jingan District and managed by Shanghai Jingan Enterprise Consulting Service Limited Company.  It is led by policies of government, with management principle of high science and technology zone management mode, directed by enterprisesneed, therefore established service concept of initiative, efficiency, norm and honesty.  Taking advantage of location in downtown area, low rent and low cost, Shanghai Jingan Scientific Trade Zone will elaborate service function to provide service for enterprises with heart and soul.  It will provide actively registered enterprises with excellent investment and management environment to be a city pattern economic trade zone with multi-function such as display, trade, science and technology, information communication, industry and commerce, tax registration, office and management.


Number of move-into: 446

Rate of move-into: 93%

Management Company: Shanghai Jingan Enterprise Consulting Service Limited Company

Person in Charge: Fei Yuying

Address: No. 600 Shanxi Rd, Jingan District, Shanghai

Telephone: 62159331

FAX: 62583638

E-mail Hodoyb@online.sh.cn