Brief Introduction of Jing’an City Industrial Park(2009-3-6)

Jing’an City Industrial Park is an ideal site for development of special economy and advantaged industries.  It was established by Shanghai Economic Committee and Industrial Management Bureau of Jing’an District and managed by Shanghai Jingchuang Enterprise Management Consulting Limited Company.

Jing’an City Industrial Park is located in the downtown area in Shanghai, with advantages such as convenient transportation, converging companies, comfortable environment and centralized talents.  Since the establishment, after the completion of mass of facilities and the perfection of factory buildings, office buildings, roads, telecommunication, supply of water and electricity, Jing’an City Industrial Park has already become a suitable place for production, management and work with the favorable investment environment.

Jing’an City Industrial Park has committed to developing vigorously industries such as software developing, electronic information, precise instruments and apparatus, advertising, printing, clothing, accessory processing, souvenir and food, prioritizing modern industrial companies friendly to environment, which have high and new technology, high additional value, employment opportunity and good image.

Jing’an City Industrial Park warmly welcomes entrepreneurs from home and abroad come to invest and start new venture.  In line with “Giving Priority to Service and Management”, it will provide companies with one-package service (project planning, management consulting, registering, renting offices and factories, approving to rent land for industrial use) by efficient work, favorable development policies and excellent service.


Management Company for Investment: Shanghai Jingchuang Enterprise Management Consulting Limited Company.

Address: 2nd Floor, No. 717 Huaian Rd, Shanghai

Post Code: 200041

Hot Line for Investment: 62986847, 62764730 for telephone exchange

Website: www.jgyq.com.cn