Brief Introduction of Jing’an (Xuanqiao) Industrial Park(2009-3-6)

Jing’an (Xuanqiao) Industrial Park was built by People’s Government of Jing’an District in January 1995, mainly for development of new and high technology.  It covers 280 mus, sitting in Xuanqiao Country Nanhui County, having Hunan Road on the south and Weixing River on the north, facing new railway system in Pudong on the west and Lu Arterial Road on the east, 38 kilometers away from down town, 30 kilometers away for Yangpu and Nanpu Bridge, 22 kilometers away from Luchao Harbor Deepwater Port and 10 kilometers for Pudong International Airport.  With an ideal location, easy transportation and complete facilities, having plain land, clearly distinct four seasons and comfortable climate, 15.5°C of average annual temperature and 1,061.9 mm of average annual rainfall, it is an ideal destination for investment and development.

At present, existed industrial park has formed industry group mainly in chemistry and industry.  Companies which have already moved into the industrial park are Shanghai Aierfuatuo Chemistry and Gaoyuan Chemistry and Industry Limited Company joint-invested with France, Shanghai Lvjian Dry Powder Material Limited Company joint-invested with Austria, Shanghai Lixin Chemistry and Industry Limited Company, Shanghai Yaohua Nanometer Science and Technology Limited Company and so on.

Shanghai Jing’an (Xuanqiao) Industrial Park Development Limited Company warmly welcomes entrepreneurs from home and abroad come to have observation, cooperation and investment, and will provide investors with one-package service by efficient work, favorable development policies and excellent service.