Shanghai Wangjiasha Corporation(2009-3-6)

Shanghai Wangjiasha Corporation

 Wangjiasha’s head shop is located in the intersection of Shimen Road and West Nanjing Road. The old and famous pastries of Wangjiasha enjoy a good reputation in Shanghai. The prosperous Nanjing Road used to be an incommodious carriage way. Wangjiasha is named so because there are many residence whose family names are Wang near Shimen Road and West Nanjing Road. The first Wangjiasha was opened in 1940’s, dealing with pan-fried bun stuffed with chicken meat, shrimp meat wontons and other local delicacies. Wangjiasha’s head shop has a variety of refined and tasty food. Their delicious pan-fried buns, fresh shrimp meat wontons, crisp sweet mashed bean cakes and fragrant pan-fried noodles are called the Four Best in food industry, which attract thousands of customers. Revolution made Wangjiasha bloom again, and Wangjiasha has been developing continuously. It has branches in Haifang Road, West Beijing Road, Wanhangdu Road and Hongkong. Wangjiasha keeps innovating on the basis of traditional food and has formed crabmeat paste series of pastries and dishes, making itself stand out in pastry field. Wangjiasha’s Chinese rice puddings, crabmeat steamed buns, crabmeat dumplings are rated as the king of pastries in Shanghai. With its on-going innovation and expansion, Wangjiasha cherishes its reputation and focus on upgrading the brand and exploring new products, giving a satisfying answer to its new and old customers and making tasty pastries that meet the health demand of urbanites.



Shanghai Wangjiasha Corporation

Legal representative

Sun Linquan


No805,West Nanjing Road

Business type

Limited liability company

Registered capital


Department in charge

Westgate Group

Number of stores


Scope of business

Meals, liquor, cooked food, drinks, ice-creams

Operation principle

(Spirit of enterprise)

Root in Jing’an, walk to the whole nation, and expand business overseas.


Make you satisfied in Wangjiasha is our life pursuit.

Service promise

I’m a Wangjiashanese, please feel free to ask me any advice (questions)