Copyright and Audio/Video Products

  The Shanghai Municipal Copyright Bureau concentrates on the main mis-behaviors of the market such as duplication, retail , pre-installation, and enterprises operational use of software, effectively improving the order of software market in the city. For the duplication, they pay close attention to the work of the supervisors assigned to the CD duplication Factories, and require strict examination of the procedure for the entrusted printing of each business copy of the CD factories for which they are respectively responsible. In 2005, not a single case of duplication involving trademark infringement was discovered in the CD duplication factories of the city. For the retail and pre-installation, a city main computer center and software market contact person system has been established, and the supervision and administration work of software retail and pre-installation included in the scope of routine administration of the market, and random inspections of the software retail and pre-installation market by the law-enforcing personnel regularly organized, containing the retail sale of pirated software in the computer centers and software market. In 2005, 15 cases of selling pirated software and illegal pre-installation of software were handled, over 3,680 CDs involving copyright infringement confiscated, and 42000 RMB yuan penalties imposed. In the aspect of operational use of enterprises, 54 cases of complaint against the end-user enterprises were properly handled. The Shanghai Municipal Copyright Bureau,together with trade organizations such as China Copyright Union,the Commercial Software Union of the United States and the Municipal Architectural Engineering Investigation and Design Association, jointly hosted activities such as enterprises copyright legal system education and software assets management training, enabling the enterprises to fully realize the harmfulness of using pirated software to the society and the enterprises themselves, guiding the enterprises in using authentic software, and pushing forward the pilot work of using authentic software by related trades and enterprises.
  In 2005, the Shanghai Municipal Copyright Bureau handled 700 contract registration cases, of which there were 546 cases related to copyright trade contracts for books from outside the territory, 12 cases related to contracts for electronic publications from outside the territory, 56 related to contracts for authorized use of computer software from outside the territory, and 86 cases related to contracts for duplication of computer software and audio and video products from outside the territory.
  In 2005, the Shanghai Municipal Copyright Bureau held the Talks on Copyright Trade of Shanghai, reached consensus on 200 letters of intent on copyright trade. During the period of the fair, "Copyright Trade Work Forum of Six Provinces and One Municipality of East China"and "Forum on thePresentStateand Development Prospect of the Copyright Trade Related to British and American Books"were held.
  The Shanghai People's Government takes measure of cracking down on illegal sale of pirated audio and video products by peddlers and vendors as an important dimension of intellectual property right protection work. In 2005, the cultural law-enforcement organizations at the municipal and district levels inspected 26,120 shops dealing in audio and video products, 8,110 places dealing in electronic publications, and 12,681 places dealing in books and magazines, investigated and handled 5,959 cases of illegal business operation, destroyed underground whole-sale bases of the scale of over 10,000 illegal CDs, and over 5,000 illegal books and magazines, and seized 8,342,765 illegal audio and video discs (electronic publications), and 681,588 pirated and illegal books and magazines. The cultural law-enforcement organizations insisted on cracking down underground storage, transportation and illegal whole-sale. The Municipal Cultural, Broadcasting, Film and Television Administrative Bureau and Municipal Cultural Law-Enforcement Contingent actively carried out propaganda on intellectual property right protection of audio and video products, and organized the local activities of the nation-wide unified destruction of illegal audio and video products inShanghai. 7.21 min illegal audio and video discs were destroyed in the whole year, up nearly 44% from the previous year. In 2005, the General Office of the Shanghai Municipal Cultural Market Administration Leading Team pushed forward the anti-piracy work by giving awards and mobilizing the masses.