Medical Services for Overseas Patients

  Shanghaiprovides foreigners with various kinds of medical services to meet their different requirements. All the medical institutions open to the society provide domestic and overseas patients including compatriots from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan and overseas Chinese with medical services of equal national treatment, and have uniform charge standards for medical services to domestic and foreign patients. Domestic and foreign patients may select of their own free will common medical services or specially required medical services when they seek medical services in medical institutions, who must not induce or force the patients to receive specially required medical services and impose on overseas patients charges different from those for domestic patients. Some medical institutions with special consulting departments or special-requirement wards may provide all-inclusive medical services.
  5.2.3Foreign Doctors Practicing in Shanghai
  In accordance with《Rules on Administration of Foreign Doctors Practicing Medicine for Short Terms in China》, the registration of foreign doctors practicing medicine for short terms in China is valid for less than a year, and in case the registration requires extension on its expiry, re-registration procedures may be handled in accordance with the《Rules》.