Patent and Dispute Settlement

  In 2005, 32,741 patent applications were made inShanghai, up by 59.9%; among them there were 10,441 invention patent applications, an increase of 55% y-o-y, and 12,603 patents were granted, up by 18.6%.
  In 2005, Shanghai Municipal Intellectual Property Right Bureau handled 38 cases of dispute on patent right infringement, and out of them, 28 cases were settled and 19 cases of unauthorized use of patent rights were registered for investigation and punishment.
  In May 2005, the Shanghai Municipal Intellectual Property Right Bureau issued "Detailed Rules for Implementation of Strengthening Exhibition Patent Protection in May 2005, putting forward its suggestions guiding the intellectual property right protection related to exhibitions held by enterprise engaged in the exhibition industry of Shanghai. The Detailed Rules for Implementation mainly include: prior agreement under a contract for the exhibition hosting unit to keep commodities infringing intellectual property right out of the exhibition, rules on accepting and addressing complaints on intellectual property right infringement, regulations on settlement of disputes over suspected patent right infringement, etc.
  In 2005, the Shanghai Municipal Intellectual Property Right Bureau organized and hosted the cooperative forum of Sino-Japanese enterprises on intellectual property right and "Shanghai International Forum on Intellectual Property Right 2005" and hosted together with foreign chambers of commerce inShanghaithe top level seminar on enterprise patent management. In November, the Shanghai Municipal Intellectual Property Right Bureau assisted in the organization of Shanghai Meeting of the Sino-US Round Table Conference on Intellectual Property Right, promoting cooperation and exchanges with domestic and foreign parties concerned on issues of intellectual property right protection.