The Annual Cooperative Audit of Foreign Investment Enterprises(2008-09-26)

I. Administrative requirement:

It must be foreign investment enterprises receiving industrial and commercial business license before December the 31st of last year.

II. Related administrative formalities, materials and files

1. The original report of annual cooperative audit (Table 1 to Table 7) (Printed report forms shall be signed by legal representative of enterprise and be affixed on official seal of company.)

2. The original, duplicate and photocopy of approval certificate of foreign investment enterprise and photocopy of the Business License of Enterprise Legal Person of People’s Republic of China

3. The audit report by certified public accountants after audit (Enterprises which were registered and established after July the 1st 2007, shall submit the photocopy of capital verification report.)

4. The photocopy of capital verification report (Only enterprises which are stipulated by rules or contracts to pay investment in 2007 or provide actual investment in 2007 are limited to submit.)

5. Table WZ101 of statistic report forms of foreign investment enterprises (of December of 2007) (Foreign investment enterprises which haven’t bought this table, please buy it from our committee as soon as possible.)

6. Enterprises under the encouraged category shall submit the photocopy of Confirmation Letter on The Encouraged Project.  Technologically advanced enterprises shall submit the photocopy of Certificate of Technologically Advanced Enterprise.  Enterprise producing export products shall submit the photocopy of Certificate of Enterprise Producing Export Products.

7. Foreign investment research and development centers, which were established before December 31st, 2006 shall submit the management situation of research and development in 2007. (For details, please check the website of Shanghai Foreign Economic Relation & Trade: www.smert.gov.cn)

8. The photocopies provided by enterprises must be affixed on official seal of company.

III. Administrative Procedures

1. Each audit enterprises shall fill in and submit all statistics of the annual cooperative audit of enterprises on the website of annual cooperative audit by Ministry of Commerce (www.lhnj.gov.cn)

2. Seven departments of annual cooperative audit including Foreign Economic Committee, Economic Committee, Administration for Industry and Commerce, Administration of Taxation, Administration of Finance, Bureau of Statistics of China, Administration of Foreign Exchange will verify online all statistics submitted by audit enterprises.

3. After the verification of departments of annual cooperative audit, audit enterprises shall carry all needed paper materials to each department of annual cooperative audit to have on-the-spot revision.

IV. Administrative body, time, address, contact

Administrative body: Management and Coordination Department of Foreign Economic Committee of Jing’an District

Address: No. 58 Jiaozhou Road

Phone: 62150607

Reception time: 8:30…11:30 AM; 1:30…5:30 PM on workdays

V. Related policies and laws

Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation of PRC, State Administration for Industry and Commerce, State Economic and Trade Commission, Ministry of Finance of PRC, State Administration of Foreign Exchange, State Administration of Taxation, China Customs, Notice on Annual Cooperative Audit of Foreign Investment Enterprises ((1996) No.773 Issued by the Ministry of Foreign Economics and Trade)