Make concerted efforts to build international first-class financial enterprises

(Staff reporter: Jing Xuan, Su Yan)

Integrity leads to prosperity. Jing'an Branch of ICBC China is one of the state-owned business banks in Jing'an District. It's located in 699 Kangding Road, and has 20 operation sites. Relying on its advanced scientific platform, sub-branch resources and professional groups, the branch has provided the all-round domestic and foreign currency services to over 2,000 high quality corporate clients and nearly 20,000  high-end individual clients, including corporate finance, individual finance, international transaction and E-bank, etc.

Support the regional economic development

As one of the four state-owned business banks in this area, in recent years, Jing'an Branch had actively participated in the construction for being an international district, endeavored to support the regional economic development and participated in the public utility project and practical projects such as "subway station construction, expansion project of Wanhangdu Road"; in the transformation process of the state-owned units and in the support for the small-and-medium-sized enterprises, you can always find the trace of ICBC to strengthen the loan capital aid and try hard to provide better financial services.

At the same time, ICBC Jing'an Branch combined the features of the economies in Jing'an District to actively support the regional small-and-medium-sized enterprises and taken the leading role to create a loan approach without mortgage and guarantee. It had pushed forward the modern service development and issued the loan for small enterprises for nearly 5 billion yuan in recent years.

Assist the advantageous enterprise to grow stronger

In recent years, ICBC Jing'an Branch had pioneered to break through the traditional concept and give huge support for the advantageous enterprise requiring "assistance" through "invoice financing" and other innovative financial services.  

For instance, there is a medium-sized network scientific company specializing in the supply of digital products to the big stores in China and Dell, Philips under its agencies had been sold directly to Metro, Walmart and Carrefour, etc. Though the enterprise had a broad development, its bottleneck on capital turnover embarrassed the top management of the company who expected to grow bigger.

This company had neither guarantee nor mortgage. Though People's Bank of China, Lending General Provisions had no definite prohibition on the lending to this kind of enterprise, the guarantee and mortgage were bottom lines of the bank industry. The managerial staff found the Branch for help. Manager of the Loan Division was interested in the materials and said repeatedly "good company with good project", however, whether to lend or not and how to control the risks?

 It's really a pity to give up this project. The leader of the Branch took the command to investigate and proved that this company had three advantages: contact with renowned big stores, act for international brands and have steady and smooth in-stock sales channel. If the bank was capable of supervise the cash flow, the lending risks would be greatly reduced. After four times adjustment, the proposal achieved the permission of the superior branch. It deposited in ICBC and registered the invoice of the store as mortgage and the bank offered lending support on the basis of 80% of the invoice sum. In October of the current year, ICBC provided the first 20 million of credit.

The account was deposited in and transacted in ICBC and the bank had quite clear understanding of the capital status of the enterprise. However, employees of the bank would regularly check the company's stock, sales and purchase, review the taxation in the taxation department. At the same time, it also paid attention to the digital market and once there's unusual fluctuation, gave the alert immediately.

 Just when the line of credit approved, the financial storm invaded the market and digital products came across the Waterloo sales in North America market and the domestic market risks increased sharply. Continue to follow up or withdraw? After a second round of research, ICBC decided to follow up and added another 5 million yuan line of credit at the end of the current year.

Thanks to the support from the bank, the period of the accounts receivable was greatly shorted and the company developed rapidly.

Financial services entering the communities

ICBC Jing'an Branch had been enthusiastically devoted to the services of the residents and under the guidance and organization of the relevant departments of the district government, in 2011, it had successfully launched the "entering communities" activities and hung the signboards of "Financial Service Studio" in five sub-districts of Jing'an District. It had actively cooperated with the sub-districts and neighborhood communities to develop the services for the convenience of residents. It had totally organized nearly 100 saloons on financial security and financing method, had placed over ten 3G Self-Service Terminals (consumption transfer terminals) to the districts as well as had provided diversified options for the community residents.

 At the same time, ICBC Jing'an Branch aimed at the white-collar clients in the office buildings to provide the financial investment services through the bonus point gift redemption in Plaza 66, Wheelock Square, East Sea Plaza.

It had actively cooperated with the public security bureau to investigate the cases and actively participated in the establishment of "Ping'an Unit". By means of the publicity, it had transmitted the information to prevent the insecure cases and in 2011, it had effectively persuaded 36 clients to be cheated. It conducted the specific activity of "cooperation between police and bank", joined hands with the public security to prevent the fraud control activities. It had also cooperated with "Oriental 110", "Madam Bai's Hotline" to take the TV programs on "how to prevent telecommunication fraud" and "bank staff successfully persuaded the clients from being cheated and recovered the loss". At the same time, it actively cooperated with the judicial and public security institutions to investigate the various cases. In 2011, it had provided 115 video materials with significant evidence, hues and cased-related videos and played actively role in detecting the cases and fighting against the criminals.

Shimen No.1 Road Sub-branch is located in the West Nanjing Road, which is surrounded by business buildings and has attracted great number of foreign and domestic tourists. Under the endless endeavor of the staff of the bank, it has solved various kinds of fraud cases one by one. The first case is telecommunication fraud, which successfully blocked a client who was connecting with the swindler on how to deposit the money. A few days ago, Zhou Tong, bank teller and Mao Liangbei, business manager of the bank identified a fraud case in which the client was instigated to apply for U-shield without any knowledge of its specific purpose and function and recovered the loss of the client, enhanced the ICBC image and embodied the Corporate Responsibilities of ICBC as a "Bank beside you, the band you can trust".

Accelerate the development of international business.

Recently the international businesses in Jing'an Branch of ICBC had made substantial progress. In 2011, the cross-board RMB settlement quantity and the intermediary transaction revenues of international businesses both made sound improvement. This year, the branch will further accelerate the settlement of the transaction sites and service windows for international businesses and help the clients to enjoy more convenient and faster services. At the same time, it firmly caught hold of the opportunities of developing Jing'an as an international district and international region, while driven by the innovative integration, continued to strengthen the investigate the client resources, define the market direction, deeply develop the marketing and actively build it into an internationally first-class band praised by the clients in the central business areas.

In the future, Jing'an Branch of ICBC will catch hold of the opportunities, promote the business mode of transformation, accelerate the transformation of development approach, expedite the forces of regional economic development and march bigger steps towards building the "most profitable, excellent and mostly respected" modern financial enterprise.

Source: JingAn Times