Jing’an Financial Enterprises Focused at SME Finance Fair

By Ma Chao

On August 31, the 2012 Shanghai SME Finance Fair opened solemnly at the East Asia Exhibition Hall with the participation of 8 financial enterprises in the District. Deputy Mayor Tu Guangshao, Deputy Secretary General Jiang Zhuoqing of the Municipal Government, Director Fang Xinghai of the Municipal Finance Office, and Deputy Governor Chao Kejian of Jing’an District attended the opening ceremony and inspected the exhibition sections. Director Dai Jun of the District Office of Finance and Investment briefed the municipal and district leading officials on the exhibition contents.

Since its first participation in the finance fair in 2009, Jing’an District Office of Finance and Investment has organized the participation as a sponsor or co-sponsor and won the outstanding organization award in succession. At this finance fair, the Office organized selectively the participation of 8 financial enterprises in the district including banking, petty loan, pawn and futures, etc. The integrated exhibition arrangements and the repeated video playing demonstrated the excellent environment of financial development in Jing’an, introduced intensively the various innovative products of the financial institutions and attracted the consultation and negotiation in businesses of SMEs and micro enterprises by providing them with more, better and more convenient financing services. Attending the fair were not only the conventional enterprises such as Jing’an Sub-branch of Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, Jing’an Sub-branch of the Agricultural Bank of China, Jing’an Sub-branch of Bank of China, Jing’an Sub-branch of Pudong Development Bank, Shanghai Guosheng Pawn Shop and Shanghai Yongshanghui Pawn Shop but also the new-type financial institutions such as Jing’an Hexin Petty Loan, Jing’an Yongshanghui Petty Lown and Guotai Jun’an Futures.

In addition to the organization of the participation in the fair, the District Office of Finance and Investment made vigorous efforts in the publicity and mobilization in the fair to extensively urge the SMEs and micro enterprises to negotiate at the fair. With the assistance of the District Government, District Association of Industry and Commerce, District Office of SME Affairs, District Federation of Youths, Jinggong Group and the five sub-districts, 800-plus tickets to the fair were issued to the SMEs and micro enterprises in the district, released the information of the exhibition in advance through the administration Weibo (micro-blogs) and other media in a bid to pass the information to the enterprises timely, effectively improve the efficiency of the fair and make the fair a real financing platform serving the SMEs and micro enterprises.

At the 2-day-long fair, the participating enterprises provided the SMEs and micro enterprises present with such services as products introduction, interpretation of policies and on-site consultation as well as all kinds of financing information, and made efforts to preliminarily reach the intent for cooperation or sign the agreement. 

Source: Jing’an Times