Jing’an: Promote Import, Export Trades with Upgraded Services

By Xing Beilin

To provide more convenience in trades, on the afternoon of May 15, Jing’an District Commercial Commission (JDCC) signed a memorandum of cooperation with No. 1 On-site Business Office of Shanghai Customs to accelerate the construction of “Four Centers” in Shanghai and modernized and internationalized urban district by abiding by innovation-and-transformation-driven development. In the future, the two sides will establish a long, closer, systemized and regulated cooperation relation to jointly promote the development of the import and export trades, international shopping and commercial circulation industry, upgrade trade services, optimize trade environment and build a better and more agreeable environment for regional trades.

The items involved in the cooperation memorandum signed include providing more convenience in import and export trades, supporting the district-based import and export enterprises to upgrade credit with customs supervision, conducting training on customs supervision policies, improving trade administration, and establishing daily communication and coordination mechanisms.

It is learnt that, from January to April of 2013, the district keeps a steady development of import and export trades with trade deficit gradually bridged. The accumulated import and export volume reached up to USD856 million, a year-on-year increase of 1.56%, among which the export accounts for USD379 million with a year-on-year increase of 4.20%, and the import accounts for USD477 million with a decrease of 0.44%. The processing trade holds year-on-year increase by 4.74% with stability.

Next, JDCC will make the following efforts: first, hand well service and promotion efforts for the import and export enterprises, cultivate new growth points in export trade as well as expand the foreign trade in Jing’an by multinational purchase and sales companies to vigorously enhance the sustainable development of regional foreign trade; second, encourage the enterprises to carry out technological innovation and new products development, optimize foreign trade structure, guide the enterprises to cultivate self-owned brands and conduct standard certification by way of promoting trade development through science and technology to improve the competitiveness in foreign trade products; third, continue to improve the expansion capability in foreign trade market, vigorously explore the emerging markets in Russia, East Europe and Africa, enter into the international business chain network via e-commerce and Shanghai multinational purchase platform, as well as expand foreign trade; fourth, continue to enhance the “go global” development capability of the enterprises, encourage the establishment of enterprises and projects with strengthen and relative advantage as well as adopt multiple “go global” strategies; last, continue to carry out system of responsibility, improve the enterprise-oriented service capability, assign dedicated personnel to perform categorized services for the regional foreign trade enterprises, as well as track closely the significant situation of the enterprises and the supporting services to ensure the healthy and sustainable development of the district-based foreign trade as well as create more comfortable and convenient environment for the enterprises’ foreign trade.

Source: Jing’an Times