Industrial Structure

In the “11th Five-year Period”, we should focus on developing the building economy, highlight the clothing brands, take advantage of the historical and humanistic contents, great domestic and international influences and comprehensive service advantages of Jing’an Nanjing Road Area, and through factor concentration, selective development and improvement of energy levels basically build an industrial system that has the modern service industry as the core part and is marked with the special characteristics of Jing’an District. Such a system should consist of commerce, logistics, professional services, real estate, hotels, exhibition, tourism, and educational and cultural services.

1. Commerce and Logistics

Commerce and logistics mainly include retailing, catering and wholesale. We should take large commercial buildings as the main player, develop theme shops, flagship shops and franchised shops on the specialized side streets, promote the development of commerce and logistics of the clothing of well-known brands, and build a gathering place of world’s top brands. We should have office buildings as the second main player, attract multinational companies to set up their regional HQ, purchase center, accounting center, order center and design center in Jing’an, promote the development of large-scale trade and circulation, and expand the electronic business. We should increase the commercial points in communities and develop handy community commercial service for people.

2. Professional Services

Professional services mainly include advertising, accounting, design, media, lawyer, financial investment, intermediary service and consulting, and creative industry. We should continue to exploit the comparative advantages and clustering effects of Jing’an District in Shanghai, strive to make new breakthroughs in attracting international service enterprises, build a series of office buildings and centers of professional services, and develop a group of industries with scientific layout, distinctive characteristics, standard operation and compatibility with the market demand. We should implement various measures to guide industrial expansion, including setting models in advantage industries, extending the industrial chain, and setting up trade associations to promote the industrial clustering. We should reduce the comprehensive business costs. We should build an information platform between the government and enterprises, and create a favorable environment for investors through policy guidance and guiding services, and facilitate the industrial clustering.

3. Real Estate

Real estate includes the development, operating and intermediary service of real estate and realty management. We should promote the healthy development of real estate, plan the development of buildings for commercial and residential purposes, and form a positive pattern of development where the two can support each other. We should reinforce the utilization of the reserve buildings in the south and quicken the rebuilding of the old residential areas. We should regulate the real estate intermediary service and trade market and promote the development of realty management. We should enhance the connections between real estate and financial and insurance industries, activate the risk defusing mechanism, and maintain the steady development of the industry.

4. Hotels, Exhibition and Tourism

 That includes accommodation, tourist agency, tourist sights, conference and exhibition. We should make tourism and commerce mutually stimulative, combine tourism with culture, and promote the interaction between tourist economy and exhibition economy. We should expand the space for the development of tourist agencies, and provide overseas and domestic tourists with first-class services inside and outside Jing’an District and China. We should accelerate the development of urban tourist sights according to the special characteristics of Jing’an District. With the support of the Convention Center and the large number of star hotels and large commercial buildings, we should vigorously promote high-quality and professional conventions and exhibitions with special characteristics, and bring into being a new situation where hotels, commercial buildings, exhibitions, tourism and culture can grow side by side.

5. Education and Cultural Services

That includes entertainment, education and training for non-academic qualifications, sports and body building, medical and health care services, fashion and leisure, and community services, which are all sectors to be vigorously developed in Jing’an District in the “11th Five-year Period”. We should improve the supporting facilities in such sectors as education and training, entertainment, leisure, culture and community services, increase the channels of industrial development, cultivate the rising sectors, continuously satisfy the market demand, and improve the education and cultural service system to match the image of Jing’an District as an area of "high technology & high added value".