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28 November



JING鈥橝N                     New era of captivating prospects

                            Jing鈥檃n鈥檚 merger with the          and greenbelts.
                                  old Zhabei district is only     Honoring the two-year an-
                                  two years old, but signs
                                  of progressive change are    niversary of the new Jing鈥檃n,
                            everywhere.                        the district publicity depart-
                                                               ment released a video outlining
                               The amalgamated district        proud achievements. Here are
                            is cementing its rise as a pre-    some of the snapshots captur-
                            eminent center of commerce,        ing this new dawn.
                            innovation and an eco-friendly
                            lifestyle.                                                          (Li Qian)

                               Medical and cultural services   Scan the QR code or go to
                            are offered to the doorstep.
                            Co-work spaces and startup in-     1711035869/ to watch the video
                            cubators are springing up.

                               New technologies increasing-
                            ly refine how we live and work.

                               Historic buildings are being

                               Waterways across the dis-
                            trict are being cleaned up and
                            beautified with riverside parks

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