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30 January



JING鈥橝N                     鈥?Here鈥檚 to a healthy New Year!

                            About 5,000 people welcomed 2018 with a 5-kilometer run. Starting from Jing鈥檃n Park, they ran past district landmarks like the
                            commercial hub of Nanjing Road W. and the Hengfeng Road Bridge. After crossing Suzhou Creek, they ended the run at Magnolia
                            Plaza near the Shanghai Railway Station, with smiles of achievement on their faces. 鈥?Li Kai

                             Looking back, we achieved a lot

                                                                        A bountiful 2017

                            2018 Jing鈥檃n                                                                                 Booming
                            in Session                                                                                   financial hub

Scan on WeChat to have      Jing鈥檃n District         A makeover                        Packing Factory warehouse, the       At the end of 2017, Jing鈥檃n
real-time update of what鈥檚  lawmakers and            for Suhe Bay                      former residence of artist Wu     was home to the regional head-
happening in the district.  political advisers                                         Changshuo and the typical shi-    quarters of 70 multinational
(Chinese only)              held their annual         Suhe Bay, the size of 602 soc-   kumen neighborhood of Junyili.    companies, including the Shang-
                            meetings this          cer fields, was once a dilapidated  These buildings will be given     hai units of German chemical
                            month. The             residential area along Suzhou       protected status and turned       distribution company Brenntag
                            January event is       Creek, home to migrants and         into facilities such as museums   AG and Dutch lighting company
                            called the 鈥淭wo        low-income households.              or cultural centers.              Lumileds.
                            twin sessions             Work continued last year on         The area also features a cen-     Some US$1.02 billion of for-
                            review progress in     plans to transform the area.        tral park and a 6.3-kilometer     eign investment flowed into
                            the year just ended                                        pedestrian pathway. Riverside     the district last year, and for-
                            and discuss the           Decayed buildings beyond use     platforms or some other park-     eign companies accounted for
                            top priority policies  or repair are being torn down.      like feature will be built every  more than half of the district鈥檚
                            for the coming         About 500,000 square meters         500 meters.                       tax revenues.
                            year. The agenda       of historical buildings 鈥?from
                            tells the story.       lane-style residential neigh-          The rehabilitated area will    CONTINUES ON C2
                                                   borhoods to old warehouses          also include modern commer-
                                                   鈥?will be retained, repaired        cial zones.
                                                   and restored.

                                                      Those escaping razing are
                                                   the turn-of-the-century Ewo
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