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C4鈥?Jing鈥檃n                               Tuesday 27 February 2018鈥?Shanghai Daily

 Moments of February


    1. Laser-lit bridge                             4. Printmaking exhibition

    Blue laser beams over the old Hengfeng          Eighty-four printmaking works from 54
    Road Bridge have brought new life to the old    artists will be displayed at the Jing鈥檃n Cul-
    bridge with a sci-fi aura.                      tural Center through March 4, free of charge.
                                                    The themes of the works cover Chinese tra-
       Dim lighting on the decades-old bridge       dition and social vicissitudes.
    was posing dangers to drivers and passers-
    by, so district greenery authorities decided       Printmaking originated in China dur-
    to add lasers, both to improve safety and       ing the Tang Dynasty (AD 618-907). At the
    enhance the views of Suzhou Creek.              time, it was the only technique available
                                                    for reproducing a picture in large numbers.
       Officials said the laser beams are aimed in  The technique passed to Western countries
    such a way that they won鈥檛 disturb motorists    through the Silk Road.
    or nearly homes.

    2. Greenery under elevated road 5. Reading pavilion

    A new greenbelt nearly the size of 11 stan- Two mini reading pavilions in Lane 1129 of

    dard soccer fields has opened to the public Changzhong Road that replace a torn-down

    after a year of work. It鈥檚 located under the illegal structure have become a popular des-

2 roundabout of the busy Middle Ring Elevated tination for local residents.
                                                                                                             Road, centered around the intersections of The red pavilions, in the shape of tele-

    Wenshui and Gonghexin roads. The greenery phone booths, are stocked with about 200

    area was designed under the environmental books donated by volunteers and social

    concept of a 鈥渟ponge city.鈥?Rainwater can organizations. People can come in and ex-

    seep through and flow into an underground change their books for others.

    system for purification and storage.            The pavilions are open from 9-11am and

    Above the ground, the area is planted with 2-4pm every day.

    trees, pink grass and other shrubbery, pro-

    viding color with the changing seasons.         6. Most popular shopping street

    3. Park reopens                                 It comes as no surprise that Nanjing Road W.
                                                    ranked as the most popular shopping area in

    Xikang Park on Xikang Road reopened to downtown Shanghai, according to a recent

    the public after a 94-day renovation. Origi- survey. Nanjing Road W. is popular because

    nally built in 1951, the park is a tad larger of its diversity of shops and merchandise,

    than half a standard soccer field and offers its convenient location and its growing array

    retreat and recreation facilities for nearby of cultural activities.

    residents. Under the renovation, a new The survey found that people most love

    drainage system was installed, pavilions shopping in the Jing鈥檃n Temple area on the

    and corridors were repaired, and plants west side of the road.

    were added. The park opens 5am to 10pm Last year, the area had per capita an-

3   every day from May 1 to October 31, and nual consumption of 2,498 yuan (US$394),
    from 6am to 9pm for the rest of the year. topping rivals such as the Xujiahui and

    Admission is free.                              Lujiazui areas.

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