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Shanghai Daily Tuesday 29 May 2018                                                                                                             Jing鈥檃n C3

Eligibility for 鈥榯alent apartments鈥?is relaxed

Li Qian                            1,858                            The rents are set at about 60   why so many companies are                        Favorable policies
                                                                 percent of the market price.       persuaded to set up offices in
Wang Yong, chief risk officer      Since April 1, 2017, Jing鈥檃n                                     Jing鈥檃n.鈥?                                 This month, Jing鈥檃n will introduce
at Everbright Securities, said     has issued 1,858 working         In addition, top professionals                                             a new series of incentives under its
he was happy to hear that          permits to foreigners and     are eligible for monthly hous-        Completed apartments and                policy to attract and retain foreign
three young men in his team        recognized 246 foreign-       ing subsidies of between 1,500     those under construction in                professionals.
are eligible to apply for subsi-   ers as top professionals,     yuan and 3,000 yuan.               Jing鈥檃n total more than 2,000
dized rental apartments built      including two who were                                           units.                                     Education sector:
to accommodate professionals       given the Magnolia Silver        鈥淲e aim to provide inex-                                                   Educational officials will design
working in Jing鈥檃n.                Award in recognition of       pensive, quality apartments           In some cases, district-owned           special plans for children of pro-
                                   their contribution.           to professionals in Jing鈥檃n,鈥?     developers rent a whole building           fessionals, based on education
   Wang himself has applied                                      said Zhao Zhengxiang, an of-       and renovate it to accommodate             levels and interests.
for an apartment under the                                       ficial from the Jing鈥檃n housing    鈥渢alent apartment.鈥?program because, as leader of                                    authority.                                                                    Medical sector:
a team, he is regarded as a 鈥渢op                                                                       In other cases, commercial              Professionals and their families will
professional.鈥?That entitles him                                    鈥淭he government is helping      developers are required to set             have priority in medical checkups
to special incentives and privi-                                 us retain professional talent,鈥?   aside a certain number of flats            and a 鈥済reen channel鈥?to see top
leges aimed at attracting and                                    said Wang Hanqing, human re-       in a project for such flats, as            doctors. Also, they will be as-
retaining top talent. Normally                                   sources manager at Everbright      part of the conditions of devel-           signed a general practitioner in
that would disqualify other                                      Securities. 鈥淚t is one reason      opment rights.                             their neighborhood healthcare
team members from receiving                                                                                                                    centers.
the same perquisites.
   However, Jing鈥檃n District has                                                                                                               Professionals will be issued with
changed the policy to allow up                                                                                                                 a digital passport that records
to three members of the same                                                                                                                   their personal and family informa-
professional team to apply for                                                                                                                 tion. That will eliminate the need
鈥渢alent apartments.鈥?                                                                                                                          to carry multiple documents when
                                                                                                                                               dealing with different administra-
   鈥淩isk management is a highly-                                                                                                               tive departments.
professional field,鈥?said Wang.
鈥淲e are badly in need of pro-
fessionals. We want promising
university students and skilled
employees from overseas. It鈥檚
very important to extend ben-
efits to a team rather than to
just one individual. It encour-
ages them to make them stay.鈥?
   The 鈥渢alent apartments鈥?have been built in areas easily
accessible to public transport
networks and retail malls.

   Each flat consists of a living
room, kitchen, bedroom, bath-
room and balcony. They are
furnished with televisions, air
conditioning, microwave ovens,
refrigerators and washing ma-
chines, along with Internet
access. Security guards and
cleaners are provided, but
tenants don鈥檛 have to pay any
property management fees.

Host of events mark International Museum Day

Li Qian                                          A parade of traditional Chinese clothing is staged to promote the nation鈥檚 history and culture in the Fengshengli commercial
                                                 complex in the district. 鈥?Jiang Xiaowei
Jing鈥檃n鈥檚 museums, memorials and art
galleries hosted a wide range of activities         Jing鈥檃n has more than 60 museums,           Cai Yuanpei, and the privately owned           creating a museum without borders, of-
from May 18-20 in the Fengshengli com-           including Communist Party of China             Zhu Zhenyu Folding Fan Gallery.                ficials explained.
mercial complex to mark International            memorials, heritage galleries and pri-
Museum Day that fell on May 18.                  vately run museums covering a range               According to officials, Jing鈥檃n wants          So far, 20 sites in Jing鈥檃n, including the
                                                 of collections.                                to turn the whole district into a huge         historical Paramount ballroom, the icon-
   Shanghai Hanweiyang Traditional Cul-                                                         living museum. That鈥檚 a departure from         ic Starbuck鈥檚 Roastery and the weekend
tural Promotion Center, founded in 2005             The district鈥檚 cultural officials have de-  traditional museums built to showcase          destination Daning Park, have QR codes
to promote traditional Chinese dress,            signed a bike trek linking 29 museums,         specific collections.                          printed on their entrances, allowing
organized a parade of people wearing             including the Shanghai Mylnikov Art                                                           visitors to use their smartphones to read
Han clothes and held talks about the             Museum, former residence of educator              Indeed, the people, buildings and ac-       and hear stories behind the venues.
culture of Han clothes.                                                                         tivities of Jing鈥檃n all have stories to tell,

   Companion Art House, a memorial to
the century-old 鈥淭he Young Companion鈥?magazine, displayed old magazines and
sold 100 newly printed copyrights of the
first issue of the magazine.

   Masters of the famous Lu鈥檃n inkpad
technique made seals and showed how
the old art is done. The Lu鈥檃n inkpad was
invented by pharmacist Zhang Lu鈥檃n at
the end of the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911).
The pad is made of oil, cinnabar and
processed mugwort grass.

   鈥淚t鈥檚 interesting, and it鈥檚 full of cultural
significance,鈥?said Ashely Lambert from
New Zealand. 鈥淚t made me stop and look.
I think it鈥檚 good to see Chinese culture
in an open venue.
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