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C4鈥?Jing鈥檃n                                                                                                 Tuesday 29 May 2018鈥?Shanghai Daily

                                             Moments of May



1. Vertical marathon                      Shanghai, held from May 18 to 20.            4. Tea rituals                              90s are on display in an exhibition that
                                             British fencer Richard Kruse, who                                                     runs through June 25.
More than 600 runners challenged                                                       Nearly 200 students from 40 primary
the 270-meter-high Wheelock Plaza,        won the European Fencing Champion-           and middle schools across Shanghai             The memorabilia includes tin toys,
the highest building in Shanghai鈥檚 Puxi   ships in 2006, won the men鈥檚 top prize,      have been participating in a competi-       pencil boxes and video game series.
area, in the 2018 International Tower     while Russian fencer Inna Deriglazova,       tion related to tea rituals, in the run-up
Running Grand Prix held on May 13.        who won gold medal at the 2016 Olym-         to the 2018 Shanghai International Tea         鈥淲e collected these items from more
                                          pics, won the women鈥檚 championship.          Culture Tourism Festival to be held         than 30 people, including a woman
   They included students, retired                                                     June 1-4 in the Shanghai Exhibition         from Ukraine who said her childhood
workers, foreigners living in Shanghai       Jing鈥檃n has produced several great        Center.                                     toys were mostly made in China,鈥?said
and professional vertical marathon        fencers of its own, like Wang Lei, who                                                   curator Zhu Yuxiang. 鈥淢any visitors
runners.                                  won gold in the men鈥檚 2006 World Fenc-          More than 200 stalls will feature at     will be nostalgic to see items they, too,
                                          ing Championships, and Zhong Weiping         the event, offering an array of teas,       once used.鈥?   Ou Jiajing, one of the top vertical    who took gold in the women鈥檚 event at        ranging from black tea from Sri Lanka
runners in China, won the men鈥檚 cham-     the same competition.                        to white tea from China鈥檚 Fujian Prov-         The exhibition is on the fifth floor
pionship by climbing the stairs of the                                                 ince. Tea sets in Chinese laquerware        at 771 Huaian Road. It is open from
58-story building in 7 minutes, 3 sec-       In recent years, top fencers visiting     and cast-iron teapots from Japan will       8:30am to 6pm, Mondays through Sun-
onds. Zhang Huiji, 51, won the women鈥檚    Shanghai for competitions have given         also be on display.                         days. Admission is free.
championship, clocking 8 minutes, 43      lessons to elementary and middle-
seconds.                                  school students in Jing鈥檃n to promote           鈥淭ea planted in the high mountains       6. Town on the go
                                          the sport.                                   in Shouning in Fujian Province will be
   The sport of vertical running was                                                   introduced to Shanghai,鈥?said Zeng          The Jing鈥檃nsi subdistrict has been hon-
first held in the Empire State Building   3. Jazz festival                             Lianyu, executive of Daning Inter-          ored as one of China鈥檚 鈥淕o Towns鈥?for
in New York in 1978. It subsequently                                                   national Tea City. 鈥淎nd as a modern         its promotion of the game in the com-
gained popularity around the world,       Musicians and artists from more              touch, we will have robots serving tea      munity for years.
arriving in China only about five years   than 20 countries presented free street      to visitors.鈥?ago.                                      shows along Nanjing Road W. and in                                                          On May 14, the subdistrict announced
                                          local shopping malls during the JZ              Chinese and Japanese styles of tea       it will strengthen that relationship. It
   Today, nearly 300 skyscrapers around   Spring festival held from April 30 to        ceremonies will be presented by mas-        will cooperate with Shanghai鈥檚 board
the world have been registered as quali-  May 2. In Jing鈥檃n Park, jazz lovers were     ters of the art from both countries.        game authority to give go lessons to
fied venues for the competitions.         treated to outdoor concerts.                 They will wear traditional costumes.        residents and hold a variety of go-relat-
                                                                                                                                   ed activities among local white-collar
2. En garde!                                 A variety of interactive activities were  5. Childhood memories                       workers.
                                          held to celebrate the 100th anniversary
More than 300 fencers from around         of jazz in Shanghai. Handicrafts were        Nearly 100 toys and stationery items           The same day, veteran go master
the world competed in the three-day       sold at a fair, and people were invited to   used by people born in the 1980s and        Chang Hao appeared at the Jing鈥檃nsi
Westgate Mall Fencing Grand Prix          join in some of the musical activities.                                                  Cultural Activities Center and played
                                                                                                                                   the game with aficionados there.

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