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Tuesday                                                            Jing鈥檃n is a potted history of Shanghai. Century-old villas, well-pre-
31 July                                                            served traditional shikumen neighborhoods with high walls and stone gates,
                                                                   and renovated factories all have a story to tell.
  2018                                                             Glitzy retail malls, charming boutiques and annual music and arts events give
                                                                   the district a distinctive ambience and ever-growing opportunities.
 C                                                                 In this series, we explore some of the landmarks that have come to charac-
                                                                   terize the district鈥檚 culture and history.

                                                                                                           Museum of the Second National Congress
                                                                                                                  of the CPC is one of the most popular
                                                                                                                 鈥渞ed鈥?revolutionary sites in Shanghai.

JING鈥橝N                     Origins of the Communist Party
                                brought to high-tech life

Scan on WeChat to have      Li Qian                                                                                         Museum of the Second
real-time update of what鈥檚                                                                                                  National Congress of
happening in the district.  On June 1, the 97th anni-                                                                       the Communist Party
(Chinese only)                            versary of the founding                                                           of China
                                          of the Communist Party                                                            Significance: The
                                          of China, nearly 4,000                                                            birthplace of the Party
                            people visited the Museum of the
                            Second National Congress to pay                                                                 constitution
                            tribute to the birthplace of the                                                                Address: No. 30, Lane 7,
                            Party鈥檚 constitution.                                                                           Laochengdu Rd N.
                                                                                                                            Opening hours:
                               It is one of the most popular                                                                9-11:30am, 1:30-4:30pm,
                            鈥渞ed鈥?revolutionary sites in the
                            city, receiving an average of 3,000                                                             Tuesday to Sunday.
                            visitors every day. The museum                                                                  Admission: Free
                            began attracting younger people
                            after it adopted advanced technol-     Nearly 4,000 people visited the museum on July 1 to
                            ogies in exhibits and introduced       celebrate the Party鈥檚 97th anniversary. 鈥?Jiang Xiaowei
                            personalized tours.

                               The memorial is the site of the
                            first plenary session of Second Na-
                            tional Congress, which was held
                            in 1922.

                               At the time, 12 Party delegates
                            gathered in secret at the residence
                            of Li Da in the Fudeli neighborhood,
                            one of few remaining underground
                            sites that managed to escape police
                            raids. There, the group drafted the
                            first Party constitution, an impor-
                            tant document of history.

                               鈥淲e try to pique the interest of
                            every visitor coming through the
                            door,鈥?said You Wei, deputy direc-
                            tor of the memorial. 鈥淲e want to
                            provide a place where revolution-
                            ary stories and important history
                            can be told and remembered.鈥?
                               The memorial has 11 Party mem-
                            bers, averaging 33 years in age.
                            They are people who can connect
                            with today鈥檚 youth generation and
                            know how to present history in an
                            entertaining way.

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