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Shanghai Daily Tuesday 29 August 2017                                             Jing鈥檃n C3

Popular characters, made by paper or animal skins, are arranged and ready for performance during the annual Piyingxi Festival in Jing鈥檃n. Shows of traditional puppetry
are held in parks and residential lanes. 鈥?Jiang Xiaowei

Summer heatwave? We鈥檝e got it licked!

Li Qian                                  the Jing鈥檃nsi Community invited          Children show off the lights they have made at the Youth Science and Technology
                                         renowned shadow play (piyingxi)          Center in the Caojiadu community.
It鈥檚 been a record hot summer,           troupes from Anhui and Zhejiang
     with people turning to both tra-    provinces to stage popular stories
     ditional and modern ways to beat    with shadow puppets, including
     the heat 鈥?and many of them         鈥淏attle between Monkey King and
are fun.                                 Bull Demon King鈥?and 鈥淭urtle and
                                         Crane.鈥?   Melon is no doubt the star fruit of
the season. A new vanilla-flavored          Daning Music Plaza offers evening
melon from Bachu County, Xinjiang        concerts, ranging from symphony
Uygur Autonomous Region in north-        classics to movie and pop songs.
western China got its first local taste
test from Jing鈥檃n residents in the          To escape daytime heat, many se-
Baoshan Road Community.                  nior citizens go to teahouses to listen
                                         to pingtan, traditional storytelling
   When the sun sets in summer,          and ballad singing in the Suzhou
families and neighbors have long         dialect.
congregated outside to take in the
chance of an evening breeze. They           Children can always find fun by
sit in chairs along lanes and in parks,  themselves. The Youth Science and
chatting and often playing cards.        Technology Center in the Caojiadu
                                         community encourages the young
   Free outdoor movies are screened      to use their minds and come up with
                                         their own inventions.
every weekend in a district park.

   For the second consecutive year,

Nearly 20 Grammy award-winning songs were performed at one of a series of         Left: Seniors enjoy pingtan, Suzhou-style singing and storytelling at the new
free outdoor concerts at the Daning Music Plaza. 鈥?Jiang Xiaowei                  cultural center in Jing鈥檃n. Right: A boy cools off in a water fountain in the square at
                                                                                  the Kerry Center. 鈥?Jiang Xiaowei
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