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C4鈥?Jing鈥檃n                                                                                      Tuesday 29 August 2017鈥?Shanghai Daily

News                                                                                                           2
                                                                                                         What鈥檚 on
1. Making way for bridge                       1                                           4
                                              3                                                         1. PHOTOFAIRS Shanghai
Some residents living in old houses                                                        6
along Changping Road started to move                                                          1              The 4th annual PHOTOFAIRS Shanghai
out earlier this month to make way for a                                                      2              will open next month at the Shanghai Ex-
new bridge crossing Suzhou Creek.                                                                            hibition Center, featuring photographs
                                                                                                             from 14 countries and regions.
   The district government said the
bridge has multiple benefits. For resi-                                                                         PHOTOFAIRS Shanghai is a promi-
dents moving to new apartment blocks,                                                                        nent event on the Asia-Pacific calendar,
it will mean an end to cramped living                                                                        specializing in cutting-edge modern
conditions and shared kitchens and                                                                           photography.
toilets. For local residents, it will mean
shortened travel time across the creek.                                                                         Works by top Chinese artists like Zeng
                                                                                                             Fanzhi and Zhang Hai鈥檈r will be exhib-
   On August 1, the first 10 families                                                                        ited, along with new Chinese talent like
boarded trucks loaded with their fur-                                                                        Fan Xi and Peng Yun. Robert Mappletho-
niture and belongings and set off for                                                                        rpe and Henri Cartier Bresson will be
new homes in Minhang, Songjiang and                                                                          among the international photographers
Jiading districts.                                                                                           with works on display.

   Under the plan, 541 families will be                                                                         This year鈥檚 fair will explore the re-
relocated and 18,000 square meters of                                                                        lationship between photography and
old housing demolished.                                                                                      other art forms. Another highlight is
                                                                                                             the public debut of works held by pri-
   So far, more than 99 percent of resi-                                                                     vate collectors, including photographs
dents have agreed to relocation plans,                                                                       by Wolfgang Tillmans, Cindy Sherman
according to Zhou Pengfei, an official of                                                                    and Araki Nobuyoshi.
the Jiangning Road Community.
                                                                                                                The exhibition will be held from Sep-
   One of them is Liu Xiaojiu, 82.                                                                           tember 8-10. Tickets and other details
   He is leaving a 9.8-square-meter room,                                                                    are available on the official website at
without toilet or kitchen. He was happy                                                            
to leave his current quarters but reluc-
tant to move far away. So he decided                                                                    2. LOOK Smithsonian
to accept compensation and relocation
fees instead of a new apartment in the                                                                       The photo exhibition LOOK Smithso-
suburbs.                                                                                                     nian will make its China debut at Jing鈥檃n
   With the help of community officials,                                                                     Sculpture Park next month.
he bought a 38-square-meter unit in a
20-year-old building not far away.                                                                              It will feature more than 120 winning
   鈥淚t鈥檚 about three times larger than my                                                                    entries in a photo contest held by the
old unit, and I have my own kitchen and                                                                      US-based Smithsonian Institution, the
bathroom,鈥?he said.                                                                                          171-year-old group of museums and re-
   Construction of the 853-meter bridge                                                                      search centers.
will begin after demolition work is com-
pleted. The span will link Changping                                                                            Among the works is 鈥淐hina Red鈥?by
and Hengtong roads.                                                                                          Chinese photographer Wang Jian. The
                                                                                                             photo, taken with a mobile phone, cap-
2. Night at the library                       5                                                              tures a woman in a red skirt with an
                                                                                                             umbrella walking in front of a shadowed
Jing鈥檃n Children鈥檚 Library offers a short                                                                    red wall.
getaway for children. In an overnight
camp at the library, youngsters bunk                                                                            The photographs will be on display
down surrounded by plenty of bedtime                                                                         from September 12 to November 26. The
reading. Staff tell the children stories                                                                     admission fee is 78 yuan (US$11.7).
and explain things like the history of
Chin颅 ese characters and the evolution of

3. Light look at Jing鈥檃n                      5. Loans to start-ups

Folk and comic artist Luo Xixian dis-         Start-ups generally don鈥檛 lack initia-
played manuscripts of his new book to         tive but they usually lack resources and
the public for the first time this month      funding.
at the Sisyphe Bookstore in Joy City.
                                                 In Jing鈥檃n, the resources hurdle is an-
   The book, which covers the vicissi-        swered by a cluster of co-working spaces
tudes of life along Suzhou Creek, will        and incubators, like the renowned We-
be formally released in October.              Work and People Squared.

   Luo said it will be the first of the five     Money is another matter. This month,
works paying tribute to Jing鈥檃n, where        a government-backed loan company was
he was born, grew up and now lives.           set up to help finance technology start-
Future works will look at historical fig-     ups based in Shanghai. It is the first of
ures, the Communist Party鈥檚 footprints,       its kind in the city.
cultural facets and distinctive buildings
in Jing鈥檃n.                                   6. New shopping mall

4. Foreigners visit pharmacy                  A new shopping mall will open next
                                              month on Hengtong Road, aiming to fill
For foreigners, traditional Chinese           a retail gap along Suzhou Creek.
medicine is often a mysterious, even
forbidding part of the nation鈥檚 culture.         The mall, almost equal in area to 2.5
                                              standard football fields, will feature a
   The 300-year-old Leiyunshang phar-         supermarket, fashion brand outlets, pop-
macy is trying to shed some light on the      ular eateries and children鈥檚 play areas. It
practice by welcoming foreign visitors.       is accessible on Metro lines 1, 12 and 13.
                                              The project, part of a commercial project
   This summer, more than 80 students         by CapitaLand, also includes an office
from Singapore and the US visited the         building and four riverside residential
pharmacy鈥檚 flagship store near Jing鈥檃n        apartment buildings.
Temple. They were told about the basic
elements of traditional medicine and
introduced to the herbs and other ingre-
dients used in its treatments. They even
got to make their own herbal sachets.
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