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Tuesday 26 September 2017鈥?Shanghai Daily

                                        Xinzha Rd


                                        Beijing Rd

                                                                                                                Taixing Rd
                                                                                                 Nanhui Rd

                                                                                 Jiangning Rd
                                                                  Shaanxi Rd
                                                   Xikang Rd
                                    Tongren Rd
                     Changde Rd

      Huashan Rd

                                                                                          Fengxian Rd

      67                                                                                                     1

                                        Nanjing Rd

FFEE  Li Qian                           is decorated especially for       of spacious coffee shops,       4
                                        those laptop-toting custom-       which provides more than
n     Jing鈥檃n is so rich in his-        ers who like to get some work     just coffee. Harbook+(7) is an
            tory, art and culture that  done while being in a relaxing    example. The open-concept
            the abundance of tours      environment.                      space is full of books about
            on offer are bewildering                                      interior decorating, fashion
      at times. A coffee-themed tour       Not far from there lies        and other design-related
      may be a refreshing change.       Manner Coffee (3), an inde-       disciplines. It鈥檚 perfect to
                                        pendently-owned caf茅 that         have a cup of coffee and get
         In downtown Shanghai鈥檚         grew from a 2-square-meter        immersed in the world of
      Jing鈥檃n District, there are cof-  store to four chains in the       design.
      fee shops which carry some        surrounding area.
      romanticism. Influential                                               Cultured cup of coffee
      writer Eileen Chang (1920-           For those who have an eye
      95) was a regular patron to       on the environment, coffee
      the Kaisiling coffee shop (1)     shops on Shannxi Road N.,
      on Nanjing Road W. Today,         lined with historical build-
      it is still a popular site and    ings and giant trees, may
      serves unique pastries like       be favored. Try Kiwi Coffee
      hadou, an oblong dessert with     (4), opened by a coffee mas-
      chocolate icing and a custard-    ter from New Zealand, or
      cream filling.                    enjoy the California image
                                        of Sumerain (5), a popular
         When talking about cof-        rendezvous for local expats.
      fee shop chains, many think       Sumerian also bakes a very
      about the likes of Starbucks,     good bagel.
      standard, yet boring. Howev-
      er, some quality, small-scale        Aunn Caf茅 (6), near the
      coffee shops have grown up        Jing鈥檃n Temple, is a master
      and evolved over the past few     on the cold brew. It has a
      years. One such shop, MQ Cof-     huge cold brew maker right
      fee (2), is tucked away down      standing by the cashier. It is
      Fengxian Road. It offers a        a delightful sight to see coffee
      variety of coffee beans and       being poured over ice cubes.

                                           Jing鈥檃n also has its share

                                                                             in an ambient setting

      3 6 Photo by Jiang Xiaowei
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