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Xikang Park

Released on:2017-09-21


Xikang Park, named after Xikang Road, is situated at No. 255, Xikang Road, to the north of West Beijing Road. The 5,600-square-meter park was granted the title of “Shanghai Civilized Park”. The rectangular park is planted with a variety of trees and shrubs, including southern magnolia, camphor tree, cedar, camellia, Chinese wistaria and Chinese littleleaf box. In addition, there are pergolas arranged in the eastern and northern side of the park, and corridors and pavilions in the west. In hot summers, with lush flowers and trees casting shadows around, the pergolas would be ideal places for visitors to rest and cool off. A workout site in the southern part of the park is equipped with small-sized health and fitness facilities for daily workout of visitors. Xikang Park, aimed at satisfying the recreational needs of citizens at their leisure, serves as a major place for nearby residents to relax or entertain themselves.