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Sanquan Park

Released on:2017-09-21


Welcome to Sanquan Park.

Sanquan Park, situated at No. 1200, Baode Road, covers an area of 2.4 hectares. The park, recognized as Shanghai Civilized Park and Three-star Park, was completed and opened in December 1997. It, affected by Chinese classical gardens, manifests itself in the form of the modern garden. The park is dominated by plants and waters, on which garden ornaments scatter. Because of the digged lakes and the piled mountains, the park is characterized by the terrain higher along periphery and lower in center. The scenic spot of central Yinquan Lake is spacious and open, and there are various landscapes around the main ring path in the park. In 2015, the whole park, based on the original waters, tall trees, main paths and squares, was renovated by improving municipal supporting facilities, emergency shelters, sports and fitness facilities and the convenience facilities for the public, and reconstructing two pavilions and corridors, and seven activity squares. Besides, new scenic spots such Xiuwu Gallery and China Rose Valley were also arranged. After such reconstruction, Sanquan Park is full-equipped, distinctive and exquisite.