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Square Park (Jing’an Section)

Released on:2017-09-21


Square Park (Jing’an Section), covering an area of 23 hectares, is located at the junction of Jing’an District, Luwan District and Huangpu District. Jing’an Section of the Park, covering an area of 34,800 square meters, lies to the north of Middle Yan’an Road, the west of Laochengdu Road and the south of Dagu Road. It was commenced in February 2000, and completed and opened to the public on July 1, 2001. In 2003, Square Park (Jing’an Section) was recognized as the “Seven Nos” Civilized Park of Shanghai.

The Park is called “geological park”, since its greening design. Under the concept of "Blue-and-green Landscape”, it is aimed at presenting the natural geological landscape. In the Park, the ground slopes down to the center, and two endocentric paths directly lead to two waterfalls and a tor. The green space of the Park is divided into the south part, the center and the north part. The south part, centering on the Site Memorial of the Second National Congress of CPC and Civilian Female School Exhibition Hall, is a space designed for historic culture. The center serves as an urban forest space featuring undulating terrain. Its greening layout, dominated by tall trees, includes a variety of flowering shrubs and an ever-green lawn, forming a well-arranged and well-spaced multilayered landscape. The north part is a natural water space, which is full of large rockeries built with the yellow stones, waterfalls as well as the precious flowers and trees, creating a spectacular and beautiful landscape of “City Forest”.