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Jing’an Park

Released on:2017-09-21


Jing’an Park is located at No. 1649, West Nanjing Road, with Middle Yan’an Road to the south, Huashan Road to the west and West Nanjing Road to the north. The park, covering a total area of 39,300 square meters before 1998, got its name from the Jing’an Temple across the street. In 1998, the construction of Shanghai Metro Line 2 and Yan’an Elevated Road required a land of 10,000 square meters of the temple along Middle Yan’an Road. After the completion of Metro Line 2, another 4,000 square meters of the temple along the intersection of Huashan Road and West Nanjing Road was expropriated. In October 1998, the Jing’an District People's Government, therefore, decided to take this as an opportunity to conduct an all-round renovation of Jing’an Park, which was later opened to the public when the renovation was completed on September 25, 1999. The 33,900-square-meter park won the honors of “Double Excellence Park” in Shanghai landscaping system, “Seven Nos” Civilized Park of Shanghai, Civilized Organization of Shanghai, etc. In addition, Jing’an Park has been earning the title as one of the “Five Star” Parks in Shanghai since 2002.

After the renovation, Jing’an Park still kept the 32 a century-year-old chinars. In the northern part of the park is Menqian Square; the eastern part concentrates on the theme of history and culture; the southeastern part is a wavy lawn for sightseeing, while the central takes the advantage of the topography to build a large rockery and waterfall. In the park, there are main walkway, Jing’an Eight-sights Garden, Caoping Square, Shi Pavilion (marble pavilion), rockery and waterfall, lotus ponds, and the statues of Cai Yuanpei and “My Teacher”. In Jing’an Eight-sights Garden, traditional Chinese garden styles and techniques were used to create a great sense of depth and space that belies its small size. In this way, the characteristics and artistic beauty of the eight sights, Hudu Rampart, Chenchaohui, Lvzidu, Chiwu Steles, Xiazi Pond, Yongquan, Lvyun Cave and Jiangjingtan, are refined, concentrated and combined together. In a word, Jing’an Park is an urban garden that provides citizens with all-sided services, such as leisure activities, fitness, entertainment, sightseeing and tourism.