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Lingnan Park

Released on:2017-09-21


Welcome to Lingnan Park.

Lingnan Park, located in No. 600, Fenxi Road, was completed and opened in October 1989, and it covers an area of 3.83 hectares. Jiang Zemin, former member of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee and Secretary of the CPC Shanghai Municipal Committee, used to plant trees here and inscribe the name of the park. In 2003, most park areas were reconstructed by adding such characteristic landscapes as the albizzia alameda, the flower border and the membrane structure pavilion, greatly improving the environment of the park. In 2012, at the request of tourists, the whole park was reconstructed again. The albizzia alameda, the sunken plaza and major trees remained unchanged, and eight pavilions and corridors, including three gloriettes (Zuihua Gloriette, Liuhe Gloriette and Fangman Gloriette), three corridors (Jinfeng Corridor, Suoqiu Corridor and Shuqin Corridor) and two pavilions (Zhichun Pavilion and Yulan Pavilion) were rebuilt. 15 activity squares along with some convenient facilities such as chairs, coat hooks, water fountains and bird racks were added to meet tourists’ needs for rest and leisure. The waters were dredged and the aquatic plant landscapes were added. Besides, the reconstruction included rebuilding the park gate, expanding toilets, improving municipal supporting facilities, and standardizing the layout of management offices.

After such reconstruction, there are one axis (the axis square), and two belts (the scenic belt of albizzia alameda and the scenic belt around the lake) in the park. With more new bloomers and colored foliage plants, the park enjoys better infrastructure and a more pleasant environment.