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Jiaotong Park

Released on:2017-09-21


Welcome to Jiaotong Park.

Jiaotong Park, located in No. 262, Xinma Road, was completed and opened to the public in 1954, and it covers an area of 1.58 hectares. In 1972, the park was closed because of civil air-defense projects. And later it was rebuilt, and opened again on January 1, 1979. In the park, there are such attractions as wistaria-covered passages, corridors, parterres and sculptures.

In 2009, the whole park was under reconstruction. The gate, the guard room, the volunteers’ room and other management service facilities were newly added. Furthermore, the pavilions and corridors, based on their original characteristics, were repaired, and some local adjustments were made in the fitness and recreational sites. The roads and squares in the park were resurfaced, and new pipelines were laid. Besides, local greening was rearranged by adding various colored foliage plants and bloomers. After such reconstruction, Jiaotong Park enjoys better infrastructure and larger fitness and recreational space for visitors, making the whole park and its original featured landscapes to take on a brand-new look.