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Zhabei Park

Released on:2017-09-21


Zhabei Park, located at No. 1555, Gonghexin Road, covers an area of 13.35 hectares. The park was repeatedly rebuilt and expanded ever since it was open to the public in 1946. Zhabei Park, the former Song Park in memory of Song Jiaoren, a democratic revolutionary, is the oldest park in Shanghai. In the park, the Song Jiaoren’s Tomb and Qian Family Ancestral Hall are included in the municipal-level cultural relic protection sites. In 1994, several distinctive attractions featuring tea culture, such as Huwangyingke (a giant copper tea pot with a handle), a statue of Lu Yu, the Sage of Tea, Baixingwutai, Chunlai Tea House and a statue of Shennong, were completed. In addition, the former revolutionary history exhibition hall was renovated into Songyuan Chayiguan (Song Garden Tea house) after expansion. Zhabei Park, therefore, became the first park that is characterized by tea culture in Shanghai. In 2002, Jushu Square was built along one side of Gonghexin Road. After the all-round renovation of the park in 2007, there were newly erected buildings for management and providing services like Gewu Corridor (singing and dancing corridor), renovated pavilions and corridors, updated recreation facilities, rebuilt Yuanlu Square, installed pipelines, more varieties of plants and facilities to bring convenient services to people. All of this makes Zhabei Park to take a brand-new look.

Zhabei Park, roughly in a rectangular shape from east to west, is arranged in a natural way. In the western part of the park, behind the major scenic spot of the Song Jiaoren’s Tomb stands earth piled hills and lotus ponds. In the central part of the park, or the main scenic area, lies a lake occupying over 10,000 square meters, with water surface in varied widths and the meandering bank line. In addition to that, in the lake, there are two big islands and a peninsula on which scattered artificial hills in different heights. The Qian Family Ancestral Hall is located at the east end of the lake while other pavilions are also built on the islands or along the bank line. The large-scale square for singing and dancing in the east of the lake is one of the major regions that visitors gather together and have fun. Forest zone, lotus ponds and a children’s park are situated at the eastern part of the park. Zhabei Park is mainly featured by plane trees and cherry-apple trees. But other attractions like lotus ponds, Qian Family Ancestral Hall, Tianguang Bridge and Yunying Bridge also have their own distinctive characteristics.