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Everbright City Greenland

Released on:2017-09-21


Welcome to Everbright City Greenland.

Everbright City Greenland, situated in No. 209, Huasheng Road, covers an area of 4.3 hectares. Under the joint investment of Governments at municipal and district-level, the construction of original shantytowns into Everbright City Greenland was commenced in December 2001, and Everbright City Greenland was completed and opened in December 2002.

Everbright City Greenland is divided by Huasheng Road into the east and west parts. In the west, a mountain, rising from the flat land, boasts a landscape featuring waters and trees in the north and a waterscape of water gate shape (Kaizha Yangbo in Chinese) in the south. Both are drop-water pool type, and surrounded by metasequoia and washingtonia filifera, presenting a landscape with the trees and the waters mingled together. The wooden platform and the Yangbo Pavilion stand on the mountaintop. Camphor trees, bamboos and gingkos downwards deliver a green scenery and four distinct seasons. The east part of Everbright City Greenland, long and narrow from north to south, is provided with an artificial mountain which is paralleled to a large lawn. The retaining wall between the artificial mountain and the lawn also functions as the relief wall embossed with four Chinese characters “继往开来” (Never Stop Moving), which portrays the modern development process of Zhabei District. On the mountain, there are such tall trees as cedars, gingkos, camphor trees, soapberries, zelkovas, elaeocarpus and decipiens. The management office, located on the mountainside, is perfectly integrated with the mountain. On the foot of the mountain, the broad lawn may make everyone come alive. The sunken plaza, located in the center of the Huasheng Road, connects the east to the west. Inside the plaza, a dry fountain is arranged for citizens to relax.

As for the general style, Everbright City Greenland is not only natural and decent, but also kindly and elegant. With more than a hundred of kinds of trees, shrubs and ground cover plants scattered here, the Greenland has become an important ecoscape and also a fitness and recreational place well received by nearby residents.