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Jing’an Sculpture Park

Released on:2017-09-21


Jing’an Sculpture Park, situated in the eastern Jing’an District, the central urban area of Shanghai, covers an area from North Chengdu Road in the east, West Beijing Road in the south, Shimen Road Number Two in the west and Shanhaiguan Road in the north. The 65,000-square-meter park is closely connected with other regions of Shanghai by North-South Elevated Road, a major transportation route in the east. West Beijing Road in the south, Shimen Road Number Two in the west, the Suzhou Creek in the north and Metro Line 2 and Metro Line 13 make it more convenient to go in and out the park. The superior geographical location promises a bright future for the development of Jing’an Sculpture Park.

Jing’an Sculpture Park is an open and people-centered urban garden that themes on sculptures which scatter on the green land; it is a harmonious urban garden that displays green belts, sculptures and other garden ornaments that interweave with each other; it is also a place that the general public can rest, relax and get exposed to art; and it is a model of combining green land of a park in central urban area of Shanghai and cultural facilities.

Design Philosophy

Jing’an Sculpture Park is designed to provide a valuable open space in the urban area by its distinct spatial organization structure and sharp-cut artistic characteristics. The park gives expression to its commitments, loved by people, serve people and integrate with the surroundings. Jing’an Sculpture Park serves as a carrier to show and pass on art and a venue for conversations between people and art, and between people, for embellishing the city with stronger cultural awareness and for citizens to relax, have fun and learn.

General Layout

Jing’an Sculpture Park mainly consists of the following six landscape regions, entrance square, cultural corridor, landscape region in the central square, landscape region of white magnolia petals, landscape region of Meiyuan (plum garden) and small landscape region. The cultural corridor works as a needle that sews all other theme landscape spaces together. Different creative sculptures are placed in an organized and relatively concentrated way in different landscape regions to create a series of spaces with distinctive features. Therefore, the more diversified landscape in the park make visitors more interested.


Jing’an Sculpture Park, a key project of the Shanghai Jing’an District People’s Government, covers an area of 30,000 square meters in Phase I. The Phase I, commenced in October 2007, was designed to connect all sub-regions with two landscape axes and a sunken square. Maidenhair trees are mainly planted along the main stems of the park. The orderly and uniform plant landscape makes the park even more magnificent. In addition, there is a piece of sunken grassland at the cross of two road axes. Hackberries are grown in the vicinity to constitute an integral part with the surrounding scenic areas. Rows of red maples in the seven-colored flower belt region enable visitors to appreciate both the orderly pattern and the beauty of the colorful leaves. The uniform and simple axes and square landscape divide the first phase of the park into spring scenery area, scenic area for appreciating flowers and autumn scenery area and connect them all together.