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Brief Introduction to Time-honored Brands in Jing'an District

Released on:2017-09-27


Enterprise Brief introduction to brand Address of brand store (counter) Telephone Address of company
Shanghai Lvyangcun Restaurant Co., Ltd. Established in 1936, the restaurant got its name from the well-worded phrase "the lvyang city is Yangzhou (lvyang means the green willows)" of Wang Shizhen, a man of letters in the Qing Dynasty. The restaurant was famous for its delicate, soft and full-bodied Yangzhou cuisine in 1930s. In 1940s, the restaurant introduced the Sichuan cuisine and innovated the special flavor of combining the Yangzhou cuisine and Sichuan cuisine. Now the restaurant is the intangible cultural heritage and famous time-honored brand. The restaurant is renowned for its professional and skillful chefs and masters, including the representative "3 luminaries" - Sichuan cuisine master Lin Wanyun, Yangzhou cuisine ace Chen Xinxiang and service expert Guo Qiming, who enjoy the reputation in Shanghai for their unparalleled skills. Now their apprentices are promoting the wonderful skills of "selected raw materials, meticulous cutting technique, complete seasonings, rich aroma and good taste". The famous dishes of the restaurant, such as prawns with pepper sauce, stewed sea cucumber with mushrooms, sliced chicken, ham and beancurd, pork balls with crab sauce, champignon and vegetable bun and pan-fried turnip pancake, have gained great reputation from numerous literators and gourmets. Mr. Qian Juntao, the famous painter - calligrapher wrote down the calligraphy  saying "天厨眇味"  (meaning: Delicate Flavor of  Celestial Kitchen) in the restaurant. No. 77, Jiangning Road, Jing'an District, Shanghai (delivery service)
No. 282, Fengxian Road, Jing'an District, Shanghai (restaurant)
13651809744        62538427 No. 77, Jiangning Road, Shanghai (Office of Lvyangcun)
Shanghai Kaisiling Cake Co., Ltd. Established in 1928, Shanghai Kaisiling Cake Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Kaisiling) is a famous China Time-honored Brand enterprise of nearly 90 years' history. In order to commemorate the victory of the Northern Expeditionary Army and break the monopoly of foreign enterprises in Shanghai's western food industry, the brand chose the name of "Kaisiling", which means the commanding officer of victory.
Kaisiling has gone through all kinds of hardships to develop from a bar at the very beginning to a western food enterprises integrated with western-style pastry, western cuisine and bars. Kaisiling has experienced great changes but achieved splendid accomplishments. The reputation of "Kaisiling" is famous at home and abroad, and has become the words of praise of Shanghainese who pride themselves on good luck to get delicious food to eat.
To pass on the superb technique of Kaisiling and remain invincible in the fierce market competition, Kaisiling performs ceaseless innovation and reforming and keeps exerting its advantages in distinctive features and quality. Now Kaisiling has over 50 direct sales store. Its head office in West Nanjing Road is known to every household and individual.
Decorated cream cake and Venus delicate biscuit have been awarded with gold medal brand by Ministry of Commerce of P.R.C. for the second time. Kaisiling has been awarded with "China Time-honored Brand" certificate by Ministry of Commerce of P.R.C. since 1993. In 2007, western-style pastry technique of Kaisiling was awarded with "Intangible Cultural Heritage of Shanghai", and was once rated as "Famous Trademark of Shanghai" and "Famous Brand of Shanghai".
Kaisiling is striving for excellence and eternal savors. We will revitalize our national brands with our beginner's mind and craftsmanship. Our lifelong pursuit is to create a glory century enterprise.
1/F, No. 1001, West Nanjing Road            
No. 50, Shimen Road Number Two                 
No. 1361, Kangding Road             
No. 320, Changhua Road                 
No. 118 store, Daning Xiaocheng Commercial Complex, No. 666, West Guangzhong Road 
No. 318-3, Middle Wulumuqi Road
65442445 No. 400, Jinian Road, Hongkou District, Shanghai
West Area Laodafang Established in the reign of Emperor Guangxu of the Qing Dynasty, West Area Laodafang (hereinafter referred to as the store) is renowned for its over 100 years' history. Its home-made products are famous at home and abroad, including fresh pork mooncake, Suzhou-style mooncake, baiyuan cake, smoked fish, smoked egg and Sachima which have been awarded with famous, special and high quality gold medal products of Shanghai. The store is a famous "China Time-honored Brand" enterprise, a famous, special and high-quality store in Shanghai, as well as a brand enterprise which solely registered the trademark of "Laodafang". The store has a modernized production factory, which covers nearly 1000 m2, and its sales outlets are spread over main regions of Shanghai.
By adhering to the scientific development concept, the store passes on and carries forward the business philosophy of "century store, first-class quality, traditional products and modern style" and provides enthusiastic and considerate services, which gained popularity among the consumers.
The store has passed the ISO22000 and ISO9001 management system certification through adhering to its business philosophy, enthusiastic services and good business reputation, which enhances the social effect of the self-owned brand and improves its service for the consumers.
No. 635, Yuyuan Road (head office)              
JoinBuy Shiji Food Mall   
Wansong Trading Company, No. 687, Wanhangdu Road
Xinchangfa Xikang Store, No. 260-7, Xikang Road
Xinchangfa Huashan Store, No. 1, Middle Wulumuqi Road
San Yang Sheng West Nanjing Road Store, No. 1888, West Nanjing Road    
No. 489, Middle Huaihai Road           
Laodafang Xinzha Store, No. 908, Xinzha Road
Pudong Food Mall, No. 601, Zhangyang Road
Taikang Food Store, No. 766, East Nanjing Road    
Huijin Department Store, No. 1000, Zhaojiabang Road
Huilian Shopping Mall No. 40-90, Tianyaoqiao Road      
Huilian Shopping Mall, Pubei Road      
Xinhua Store, No. 518, Xinhua Road         
Tianya Store, No. 248, West Tianshan Road
62486954 Room 203, No. 2, Alley 641, Yuyuan Road
Xinchangfa Chestnut
The "Xinchangfa" brand was established in 1935, its featured product "roasted chestnuts in sugar-coated heated sand" has a history of nearly 80 years. The company is among the first batch of "China Time-honored band" enterprises awarded by Ministry of Commerce of P.R.C., as well as the "Famous and Special Store of Shanghai" and "Civilized Unit of Jing'an District". The trademark "Xinchangfa" has been rated as "Famous Trademark of Shanghai" for consecutive 6 times.
In recent years, the company insists on the development direction of "Inheritage, Innovation and Transformational Development". By refining its flagship product the "roasted chestnuts in sugar-coated heated sand", the company has established a lot of branches featured with joint-marketing of various special food brands in Shanghai to adapt to the new consumption demands, which has won warm praise from consumers and vitalized the "China Time-honored Brand".
The company upholds its enterprise spirit of "Self-motivated, earnest and pragmatic, work scrupulously, pioneering and enterprising" and the enterprise tenet of "sincere cooperation and co-development". By firmly grasping the principle of "safety, health and high quality" as well as the strategy of "new starting point and long-term development", the company insists on faithful management and quality service to further development and glorify the "China Time-honored Brand"
No. 870, Weihai Road                  
No. 260-7, Xikang Road               
No. 1, Middle Wulumuqi Road             
JoinBuy Shiji Food Mall   
62892737 No. 870, Weihai Road 
San Yang Sheng Established in 1929, Shanghai San Yang Sheng Food Co., Ltd. is a state-owned "China Time-honored Brand" enterprise and famous trademark of Shanghai. The main products of this company are renowned in Shanghai, such as dried foods, salted and cured foods and leisure specialties.
In its nearly 100 years' history, the company has always upheld the enterprise spirit of "Honest, Faithful, Realistic and Pragmatic" and the service tenet of "Customer's satisfaction is the target of our work", and has won trust from the consumers through its first class quality and services. The company has been developed into the forerunner in the dried goods industry of Shanghai, and has been awarded with the honor of "Civilized Unit of Shanghai", "Exemplary Collective of Shanghai" and "May 1st Labor Certificate of Shanghai", etc. 
No. 1888, West Nanjing Road              
JoinBuy Shiji Food Mall              
No. 687, Wanhangdu Road
62480780    62496219 No. 1888, West Nanjing Road
Tai Chang Shanghai Tai Chang Supermarket Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Tai Chang") is located at No. 314, Kangding Road of Jing'an District. Its predecessor is "Taichang Food Company" established in 1945. As a time-honored food enterprise after system transformation, Tai Chang is a limited liability company with profound historical accumulation and with production, wholesale and retail as its main businesses, which mainly engages in the Chinese and western style pastry production and operation, and concurrently engages in the daily foods like cigarette, wine, sugar and tea, etc. 
Over the years, with extraordinary management concept and prospective market insights, the management level of the company has led all employees of Tai Chang to practice the principle of "Inheritage is the root, innovation is the soul", carry out effective operations by staying close to the market and write a new chapter of leaping development with wisdom and sweats.  In the fierce market competition, the innovative production and operation of Tai Chang have realized ceaseless innovation, development and sublimation of Tai Chang pastry based on the historical inheritage, and gained popularity and trust among the consumers. The main products of Tai Chang have been awarded with the honor of "Famous, Special and High Quality Food" of Shanghai for many times, which solidifies the brand status of Tai Chang in food market of Shanghai. The faithful operation and quality service of Tai Chang are famous in Shanghai, which have accumulated extensive notability and credibility as well as full affirmation and acceptance of all sectors and citizens of Shanghai.
Tai Chang Pastry Yuyao Store, No. 375, Yuyao Road
Tai Chang Pastry Zhenning Store, No. 458, Zhenning Road
Tai Chang Tea Kangding Store, No. 741, Kangding Road 
Tai Chang Tea Wanhang Store, No. 50, Wanhangdu Road
First Food East Nanjing Road Store, No. 720, East Nanjing Road
First Food Zhonghuan Store, No. 1288, Zhenguang Road
First Food Wujiaochang Store, No. 600, Handan Road
First Food Jiangqiao Store, No. 988, Huajiang Road
Xinchangfa Food Huashan Store, No. 1, North Wulumuqi Road
Xinchangfa Food Xikang Store, No. 260, Xikang Road
San Yang Sheng Food Store, No. 1888, West Nanjing Road
Children's Food Store, No. 984, West Nanjing Road 
Jinhaian Food Store, No. 1941, North Sichuan Road
JoinBuy Shiji Food Mall,  No. 50, Wanhangdu Road
62717335    62559334 4/F, West Wing, No. 314, Kangding Road
Shanghai Guanshengyuan Huatuo Brewery Co., Ltd. Established on February 18, 2004, Shanghai Guanshengyuan Huatuo Brewery Co., Ltd. is one of the main brand companies of Shanghai Guanshengyuan Food Co., Ltd., which is an extra large enterprise group of China. The company is located in Caolu Town of Pudong New Area, Shanghai. Total area of the company is over 13,500 m2, including 4,100 m2 of green area, which accounts for 30% of the total area.
The company is mainly engaged in production of formulated liquor. Its products are sold all around China. Its health-care liquor represented by "Huatuo Shiquan Liquor" are quite popular among consumers, and the most acclaimed product among consumers in in Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Guangdong, Fujian and Taiwan. The products are sold to many countries and regions like Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Korea, Thailand, Japan, U.K., United States, Hong Kong and Macao.
  021-51388486 No. 735, Huai'an Road, Shanghai
Shanghai Kai Kai Clothing Company Shanghai Kai Kai Clothing Company was developed and evolved out of Kai Kai Department Store which was established in 1936, which mainly engages in the production and sales of the self-owned brand "Kai Kai" clothing series, including shirts, woolen (cashmere) sweaters and suits, etc., which are quite famous for "Kai Kai Shirt, Demeanor of Leader" and "Kai Kai Woolen Sweater, Colorful and Graceful". Marketing network of the company spreads over 20 provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) of China. In 2015, the company introduced the occupational clothing customization service for enterprises, public institutions and all sectors of the community.
Till now, clothing products like Kai Kai shirts has been consecutively rated as "Famous Brand of Shanghai" since 1995. In 2014, products of the company were awarded with the honor of "Brilliant Star of Shanghai's Famous Brand". The brand "Kai Kai" is "Famous Trademark of Shanghai" and "China Famous Trademark". Market share of Kai Kai shirts and woolen sweaters rank the top among same products in China.
No. 968, West Nanjing Road, exclusive shop                   
No. 193, Zaoyang Road, exclusive shop        
 No. 859, Xikang Road, exclusive shop        
No. 30, Yichuan Road, exclusive shop      
Holiday Department Store, counter      
Hualian Department Store (Yong'an store), counter        
Shanghai No. 1 Department Store, counter              
Shanghai No. 6 Department Store, counter       
Xinlu No. 1 Department Store, Songjiang, counter      
Yangpu Bailian, counter       
Huilian shirt counter, counter         
Jinshan Bailian, counter
62175464     62569781 3/F, No. 379, Xikang Road
Shanghai SIIC Marie Painting Materials Co., Ltd. Co-invested by Shanghai Double Happiness (Group) Co., Ltd. and Shanghai Haitong Innovation Bijun Enterprise Development Center, Shanghai SIIC Marie Painting Materials Co., Ltd. is a limited liability company co-invested by Chinese capitals. The company and the brand were established in 1919, which is the first painting material company in China. In 1935, the brand "Marie" was approved by government of Republic of China as a registered trademark, and was re-registered in 1951 after being approved by government of the People's Republic of China. Marie is a China Famous Trademark, Famous Trademark of Shanghai and a China Time-honored Brand. Marie keeps its position of the largest production scale and market share of painting materials in China. Over the past 98 years, Marie has achieved many groundbreaking accomplishments in China. Products of Marie include painting materials for watercolor, gouache, Chinese painting, oil painting and acrylic painting, as well as crayons, oil painting sticks and pastel chalks, etc. Quantity of overall product types is over 2,000. Marie is also notable in international market. Marie has been awarded with the honor of "Civilized Unit of Shanghai" for consecutive 11 years, as well as the honor of "Famous Brand Product of Shanghai" for consecutive 15 years. In 2013, Marie was awarded with the reputation of "Famous Brand Product of Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Anhui, Jiangxi and Shanghai". In 2014, Marie won the title of "Brilliant Star of Shanghai's Famous Brand". The advanced technologies and high-level quality have laid a solid foundation for Marie as the No. 1 brand of art products in China. No. 850, Xikang Road, Jing'an District, Shanghai 64019735     64024683 No. 3300, West Yan'an Road
Shanghai Meilongzhen Restaurant Co., Ltd. The name of Meilongzhen Restaurant stems from You Long Xi Feng (The Emperor and The Beauty), a classic play of Peking Opera, which tells a story that Emperor Zhengde of Ming Dynasty who was fed up with delicious delicacies in the palace tried the local snacks cooked by a beautiful girl, whose name was Li Fengjie, in Meilongzhen Restaurant; the emperor was impressed by the dainty snack and beauty of the girl, which resulted in a romantic story.
In the spring of 1938, Meilongzhen Restaurant was established at Weihai Road. In 1941, the restaurant moved to its current position in West Nanjing Road, which was financially supported by many left-wingers in culture and entertainment industry led by Ms. Wu Mei, who was a famous progressive and patriotic social activist as well as a celebrity in culture and entertainment industry of Shanghai, and established its operating pattern of "Introduction of Sichuan Cuisine into Yangzhou Cuisine, the main products are Sichuan Cuisine and Yangzhou Pastry". Since then, Meilongzhen Restaurant has been turned into an important activity venue for CPC underground organization and progressives of literary and art circles. Zhou Yang, Xia Yan, Wu Renzhi, Tian Han, Yu Ling, Hong Shen and Zhao Puchu had secret talks about revolution works in the restaurant for many times. After the Anti-Japanese War, many progressives returned from Chongqing, such as Zheng Junli and Bai Yang, used to have the reunion dinner in the restaurant with their comrades in Shanghai. The famous "Ten Sisters" of Shaoxing Opera used to have their sensational oath-taking ceremony (to become the sworn sisters) in the restaurant. At that time, the restaurant was renowned for those frequently-visiting scholars and men of letters. The Reform and Opening-up in 1978 brought revitalization to Meilongzhen Restaurant. The famous calligrapher and artist Liu Haisu left his inscription to the restaurant. Many famous artists, such as Tang Yun, Zhu Qizhan, Wang Geyi, Yan Meihua, Cao Jianlou and Wang Mingming, etc., also gave their masterpieces to the restaurant, which re-forged the gold-lettered signboard of Meilongzhen Restaurant. Besides, the restaurant also invited Su Shifeng, a stage design expert to create a restaurant layout full of national characteristics. After renovation, the restaurant is featured with the building name plate decorated with green dragon, arched stairs and armrests, delicate corridors and rooms, carved beams and painted rafters, highly-suspended color screens and palace laterns in the hall,  vivid wall paintings and reliefs, as well as treasured calligraphies and paintings of the masters, which create the extensive ancient style and peaceful environment for the restaurant. All items in the restaurant have witnessed its growth and development.
By absorbing the merits of different cuisines, the restaurant cooks the Huaiyang cuisine with the technique of Sichuan cuisine, and created the Mei Family's Cuisine which features with "sweet-smelled, tender, slippery, refreshing, fresh and lingering" flavor. One of the most important reason for the restaurant's good reputation is the carefully selected raw material, exquisite cooking and stable quality, which could not only keep the diversified flavors and styles of Sichuan cuisine, but also could be improved to adapt to the flavor of Shanghainese. In the summer of 1958, the then Premier Zhou En'lai hosted a banquet for experts and labor models of metallurgical industry of Shanghai in the restaurant. When Premier Zhou tasted the eggplant with brown sauce, he said, "It is very impressive that you could cook such a delicious delicacy with common raw materials. The future business of your restaurant must be very prosperous." Since 1985, the restaurant has received tens of thousands of tourists from all over the world after being designated as a foreign-related restaurant, including some distinguished foreign guests, even government heads. In 1997, the then President Chirac of France visited China on invitation, and had dinner in Meilongzhen Restaurant. After the dinner, the president was very happy and praised the Mei Family's Cuisine as the most delicious Chinese cuisine. The picture of President Chirac's visit is still hanging on the wall of the restaurant.
At present, the restaurant has introduced over 240 traditional and innovative dishes, including the famous dishes like sauteed shark's fin with crab meat, fried prawns with pepper sauce, stir-fried peeled river shrimps, fried water eel with black vinegar sauce, prosperous fish and noodles and tofu cooked with shrimps and bamboo shoots, which have gained the reputation of "a famous restaurant in Meilongzhen could attract customers with the fragrant smell and good tastes of its dishes " for the restaurant.
No. 22, Alley 1081, West Nanjing Road, Jing'an District 62551157    62551127 No. 22, Alley 1081, West Nanjing Road, Jing'an District
Nanjing Hairdressing Company After being established in 1932, Nanjing Hairdressing was the largest brand enterprise of the hairdressing and beauty industry in China and the southeast Asia. With the advanced technologies, the hair styles created by the company for different seasons, occupations, fashions, concealment, weddings and stages, which are integrated with antique and modern style are leading the market trend. The company has male guest department, female guest department and beauty center, which could provide complete services, like skin cleaning &care, beautification and make-up, eyebrow tattooing and drawing, manicure and hand-care, hair-cutting and shaving, hair perming and dyeing, hair washing and wig manufacture, etc. The company is committed to create beauty for customers, and is passing on the classic and creating fashions with the craftsmanship spirit by integrating the innovation concepts into service, research, education and operation No. 784, West Nanjing Road  (head office)   
No. 230, Yuyuan Road (Paramount branch)
No. 417, Yuyao Road (Peiming branch)
No. 529, Changde Road (Xinghua branch)
62532958 No. 784, West Nanjing Road, Jing'an District, Shanghai
Shanghai Yang Tongxing Restaurant Co., Ltd. Shanghai Meilongzhen Yang Tongxing Halal Beef Restaurant is a time-honored halal pastry store which affiliates to Meilongzhen Group Company, and also the main supply point of halal foods in Jing'an District. The restaurant is located at No. 215-219, Shimen Road Number Two. The restaurant is quite notable in the halal industry, and very popular among consumers.
In 2005, Yang Tongxing was to be relocated to cooperate with the old building reconstruction project. With the support of the Commerce Committee and Ethnic Affairs Committee of Jing'an District, Yang Tongxing narrated its distinctiveness as a community halal commercial outlet to the dismantling party, and finally confirmed No. 215 - 219 of Shimen Road Number Two for resettlement. The group was considering the solution of a series of acute questions, like how to keep the halal features and integrate with the market in the fierce market competition as a halal restaurant after the relocation, and how to enhance the management and competitiveness, etc. Through sufficient investigation and research, an agreement of developing the community halal food service was reached. A method integrated with retention and introduction was adopted - by maintaining the traditional features of  Yang Tongxing,  Dong Lai Shun, a Beijing time-honored brand was introduced to ensure the sustainable development of Yang Tongxing. The monthly turnover was increased to RMB 350,000 from RMB 150,000. Since then, Yang Tongxing has been keeping its healthy development momentum, and pragmatically keeping the community halal food brand.
As a community member, Yang Tongxing always cares about the residents in the community, and is committed to serve the residents in the community, which has established an undetachable connection with the residents - an old man of 88 years' old insisted on enjoying Yang Tongxing's fried steamed bun filled with beef during the celebration ceremony of his diamond wedding anniversary. After being informed, manager of Yang Tongxing specially cooked 2 pots of fried steamed bun filled with beef as a gift to satisfy the old man's requirement. The son-in-law of the old man was greatly touched, and sent a commendatory letter to Xinmin Evening News, which published the letter in its News of Common People page to commend Yang Tongxing's quality service to the community residents.
Yang Tongxing will keep working hard to expand the community halal food network and service the minority group in Jing'an District to make a positive contribution to the harmonious development of commercial service in the community.
No. 215, Shimen Road Number Two, Jing'an District 18616714161 No. 215, Shimen Road Number Two, Jing'an District
Shanghai Lifeng Food Co., Ltd. Shanghai Lifeng Food Co., Ltd.is a China Time-honored Brand enterprise established in 1938. The company mainly engages in the production and distribution of snacks and travel foods like the dried beef series, vacuum packing duck meat series, pork product series, salted & cured products, dried meat floss series, candied fruits and roasted seeds & nuts.
Products of Lifeng are featured with high quality raw materials, exquisite workmanship, lingering taste, rich nutrition, convenient eating, high level sanitation and safety, which are good choice as daily snacks or for travelling, and have gained great popularity among consumers.
Products of Lifeng have been awarded with the honor of Shanghai Famous Brand Product and Bestseller of Shanghai consecutively for over 10 years. The brand "Lifeng" has been awarded with the Famous Trademark of Shanghai for many times. Meanwhile, market share of Lifeng has ranked the top over 10 years in the fish fillet market of Shanghai.
Yanping exclusive shop - No. 979, Kangding Road, Jing'an District
Nanjing Road exclusive shop - No. 988, West Nanjing Road, Jing'an District                      
JoinBuy exclusive shop - No. 50, Wanhangdu Road, Jing'an District
JoinBuy Food Mall Jiuguang counter - No. 1618, West Nanjing Road                      
Counter in Xinchangfa Xikang store -  No. 162, Xikang Road, close to Xinzha Road             
Counter in Xinchangfa Huashan store - Huashan Road (No. 1, Middle Wulumuqi Road)
52285155 No. 979, Kangding Road, Jing'an District
Shanghai Ding Ri You Food Co., Ltd. The "Jin Ding" Fujian pork floss made by Shanghai Ding Ri You Food Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Ding Ri You) is one of the most famous foods in Shanghai. In 2003, the assets of Ding Ri You was transferred to Shanghai Lifeng Food Co., Ltd., a "China Time-honored Brand" enterprise. Through resource optimization and integration with Lifeng, the two complementary companies are making progresses hand in hand. Besides continuing the production of Fujian pork floss by passing on the traditional technique and recipe of pork floss, Ding Ri You improves the pork floss product through cooperation with Lifeng. Products of Ding Ri You are being distributed in many channels, like outlets, supermarkets, traditional shops, online shops and special channels all around China, to provide the consumers with delicious, safe, nutritious and assuring products, which have won good reputation for Ding Ri You. Jin Ding series products are being sold in all exclusive shops and counters of Lifeng. 52285155 No. 979, Kangding Road, Jing'an District
Shanghai Wangjiasha Catering Co., Ltd. Established in 1945, Wang Jia Sha has a history of over 70 years. By adhering to the production of Shanghai pastry, Wang Jia Sha keeps innovating its products through drawing successful experience and flavor of other products, like Jiangnan pastry and developing its unique features. Now Wang Jia Sha has developed 8 series of pastry, such as small steamed bun, pan-fried bun, wonton, noodles, rice cake and sweet dumpling, etc., and over 100 types of dim sum featured with Shanghai style. Traditional snacks of Wang Jia Sha are quite popular among consumers. The company is committed to establishing an advanced and professional chain platform of dim sum in China, will grasp the market trend by careful selection of quality FMCG foods and dim sum and upholding the tenet of "healthy, safe, field sales and high quality". The national leader Wu Bangguo used to write an inscription reading“发扬特色,饮誉天下  (meaning: Promote the characteristics, renowned in the world)  for Wang Jia Sha, which has 8 outlets in Shanghai, 6 branches in Hong Kong, 1 raw material base in Haimen and 1 processing center newly built in Jiading. The turnover and profit of 2016 realized an increase of 120% and 100% respectively compared to that of 2011. At the same time, the salary level of employees was also doubled compared to the value of 2011. Wang Jia Sha has been rated as "Famous Brand of Shanghai", "Famous Trademark of Shanghai" and "China Time-honored Brand" for consecutively 6 years. Production technique of local pastry was also awarded with the honor of "Intangible Cultural Heritage of Shanghai". Remarkable economic and social benefits have been realized. No. 805, West Nanjing Road (head office)        
No. 671, Wanhangdu Road (Wanhang store)    
No. 1533, West Beijing Road (Beijing store)   
No. 796, Xikang Road (Xikang store)        
No. 1890, West Nanjing Road (second shop on Nanjing Road)   
No. 138-1, Qinghe Road, Jiading (Jiading store) 
4/F, Building 12, Ruijin Hospital, No. 197, Ruijin Road Number Two (Ruijin store)                   
DF401, 4/F, East Square, T2 terminal of Hongqiao Airport (Hongqiao Airport store)
32588977 No. 805, West Nanjing Road
Shanghai Zhengzhang Laundering & Dyeing Co., Ltd. Shanghai Zhengzhang Laundering & Dyeing Co., Ltd. is a "China Time-honored Brand" enterprise established in 1925, which is very famous in the laundering &dyeing industry of Shanghai and China. The company is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Shanghai JoinBuy Co., Ltd. JoinBuy (Group) Co., Ltd. is the controlling shareholder). The main business of the company could divided into laundering & dyeing service and production & distribution of household detergents.
The laundering & dyeing chain service is the traditional main business of Zhengzhang which has accumulated nearly 90 years' experience of the company. The laundering & dyeing chain service includes complete service items, like clothes washing and fur tending, etc. Dozens of chain laundries have been established in Shanghai. The Jing'an Temple head office located at No. 1868 of West Beijing Road is the "Top 10 Laundering & Dyeing Store in China".
Production & distribution of the "Zhengzhang" brand household detergents are another key business of the company, which is an extended business formed in the development process of Zhengzhang. Four product series for washing, tending, bathroom and kitchen have been launched and distributed all around China.
The company was awarded with the honor of "Famous Commercial Service Brand of China" and "Excellent Commercial Enterprise of China". Now the company has a production base located in Baoshan Urban Industrial Park, which covers an area of around 15Mu. The modernized production plant and R&D center have laid a solid foundation for further development of the company.
No. 1868, West Beijing Road and the rest stores, altogether over 20 stores in Shanghai 36162246    51873838 No. 1868, West Beijing Road
Shanghai Jiu He Tang Chinese Medicine Co., Ltd. Shanghai Jiu He Tang Chinese Medicine Co., Ltd. is a state-level "Chinese Time-honored Brand", which is notable in Shanghai and around the world through its advantageous operation integrated with modern wholesale and chain retailing, as well as the introduction of the new pharmaceutical e-commerce platform. Jiu He Tang was established in 1933. The Chinese character "" (Jiu - nine) in its name comes from a sentence in The Story of Changes - "阳爻为九" (meaning the largest Yang number is nine), which stands for good luck and supreme position; while "" (He) stands for regulating spleen and benefiting qi as well as harmony brings wealth; thus "九和" stands for the operation objective and best wishes to the customers. Based on its notability accumulated in 80 years, abundant market resources and powerful terminal marketing competence, Jiu He Tang established its academic promotion team to accelerate the introduction of its new medicines into the clinical field of hospitals in Shanghai and terminal customer base such as the chain pharmacies in Shanghai. The company is equipped with modern logistic facilities and complete quality management network. Total storage area of the company's room temperature warehouse, cool warehouse and cold storage is 2650m2, which are equipped with advanced medicine inspection instruments, maintenance equipment and special vehicles for cold chain transportation to ensure that medicines could be delivered to the destination  in Shanghai designated by the demand side. The company is constructing the newly-arisen medicine industry by developing the modern wholesale modes, such as delivery and KP. The company has established Shanghai JiuHeTang Chinese Medicine Chain Co., Ltd. and created the pharmaceutical e-commerce platform "Shanghai JiuHeTang E-Commerce Co., Ltd.". Jiu He Tang's reputation construction is led by its social responsibility. The company has achieved the following new accomplishments based on its honor of being  the city-level and district-level "civilized unit" for many years. From 2006, Jiu He Tang has been awarded with the title of "Famous Brand Service Enterprise" for consecutive 3 times till now. In 2009, the self-owned brand "Cordyceps Militaris" was awarded with the honor of the "Trustworthy Health Product of Shanghai Residents". In 2011, the company was awarded with the title of "China Time-honored Brand" enterprise by  Ministry of Commerce of P.R.C..In 2011, Jiu He Tang was awarded with the title of "Home of Exemplary Employees" by Shanghai Federation of Trade Unions. In 2014, Jiu He Tang was awarded with the honor of "Advanced Collective of Quality Service in Commercial Industry of Shanghai". In 2015, the company won the titles of "Civilized Unit of Jing'an District", "Five Star Unit with Harmonious Labor Relationship in Shanghai", "Advanced Unit with Transparent Factory Affairs and Democratic Management in Shanghai", "National Harmonious Commercial Enterprise", "Advanced Unit for Inheritage and Innovation of China Time-honored Brand", "Five Star Credible Enterprise, "Home of Exemplary Employees of China" and "Famous Trademark of Shanghai". In 2017, Jiu He Tang was awarded with the title of "Civilized Unit of Shanghai". Wuding store, Room 104, No. 584, Wuding Road
Kangqiao store, No. 138, Xiushen Road
Daming store, No. 165, Daming Road
Meichuan store, No. 257, Meichuan Road
Zhabei store, Room 104, No. 238, Jiangchang 3rd Road
Tianmu store, No. 750, Middle Tianmu Road
Guyi store, No. 121, Guyi Road
Quyang store, No. 452, Quyang Road
Baode store, No. 58, Alley 1240, Baode Road
Decocting & Dispensing Center, No. 353, Changchuan Road
62553498 Unit D, 14/F, No. 618, Xikang Road
 Shanghai Lantang & Bobu Shoes Co., Ltd. The corporation was founded in 1940s. “Lantang” female shoes dubbed as “woman’s crown” and “Bobu” male shoes with masculine beauty have gained popularity of people from all walks of life with superior materials, exquisite craftsmanship and elegant styles. The company with many years’ development provides personalized service of tailored shoes. It’s flagship store is located at No. 1169, West Nanjing Road.
In 1993, the company was among the first companies wining the title of China's Time-Honored Brand granted by Ministry of Internal trade and in 1995, the title of Shanghai famous brand. It is still holder of this glorious title today.
Lantang flagship store, No. 1169, West Nanjing Road
Bobu flagship store. No.979, Xinzha Road
Flagship store, No. 715-719, Tangshan Road
Shoe shop at the 6th department store, No. 1068, Zhaojiabang Road, etc.
62535453 No.1169, West Nanjing Road
 Shanghai Longfeng Chinese-style Garment Co., Ltd. Founded in 1936, the company is the only one maintaining traditional hand-making. The flagship store is seated at No. 207-209,  North Shaanxi Road, a street populated with China time-honored brands. It has remained original crafts of clothing shops in Jiangshu and Guangzhou province, featuring "embedding, rolling, carving, stacking, embroidering and painting.” more importantly, various Pankou is one of the highlights of Shanghai clothing, which adds brilliance to cheongsam.
The Crafts of LongFeng Cheongsam was included in the list of national intangible cultural heritage. We are a China’s time-honored company and also a famous brand in Shanghai. 
Longfeng Cheongsam flagship shop on Shaanxi Road   No.207-209, North Shaanxi Road
Shanghai 1st Xibiliya Leather Products Co., Ltd. Started in 1930, this company is the only specialized leather-products company in Shanghai selling top-end fur and leather clothing 365 days, a year and its business ranges from production, sale, maintenance to customization. The flagship store is at No.878, West Nanjing Road, Shanghai city. Its products are famous both at home and abroad for their superior material, fine  workmanship, beautiful style, elegance and grace. We choose high-quality furs around the world as the source material, referring to foreign fashionable style, applying innovative design. Our products have upgraded with unique feature by fine and traditional crafts from broaching, embedding dying to color painting. In 1989, the company was rated as the famous specialized shop by Shanghai First Commercial Bureau and in 1993, we were among the first to win the title of “China Time-Honored brand ” granted by Ministry of Internal trade.   The 1st Xibiliya Nanjing Road flagship store 62537035 No.878, West Nanjing Road
Shanghai Hengsheng Suit Co., Ltd. Hengsheng Suit Corporation was founded in 1929 and have maintained traditional operations from high-end suit manufacture to customization of a verity of handmade male clothing such as suits , coats, formal attires, and shirts. Its flagship store is located at No. 199-201, North Shaanxi Road, a street populated with China time-honored brands. The sewing of “Hengsheng” has been included in the list of national intangible cultural heritage. Our purpose is to serve every man deliver the essence of customization to them who enjoy delicate lives through each product. The company is a China time-honored enterprise with national intangible culture heritage, focusing individualizes customization and exquisite hand-making. We promise that the price is reasonable and the stuff is real. It is a China Time-honored Brand and national intangible cultural heritage.   Hengsheng Suit Flagship store on Shaanxi Road 62478858 No.199-201, North Shaanxi Road
Shanghai Hongxiang Garment Co., Ltd. Hongxiang Garment was founded in 1917, focusing on “perfectly fitting”. We are particularly advanced at making individualized clothing in line with customers’ requirements and body shape. Its flagship is situated at No. 131, North Shaanxi Road, a street populated with China time-honored brands.
Hongxiang initiated three-dimensional tailoring, paying particular attention to smooth line of the clothing. Its clothes perfectly fit customers without any crackings or droppings, showing the beauty of female body shape. With special attention paid on the streamline of cloth styles, the clothes fit perfectly with female body shapes. The clothes here are made by delicate handwork.
Hongxiang Female Clothes Craft has been included in the list of Shanghai intangible cultural heritage. We are a China Time-honored enterprise.  
Hongxiang Garment flagship store on North Shaanxi Road 62894118 No. 131, North Shaanxi Road
Shanghai New Dameihua Shoes Co., Ltd. As a national brand, Dameihua cloth shoes have been on sale since as early as 1940. It has been known in Shanghai for over seventy years. Decorated with famous embroider from Suzhou, produced by delicate craft of masters, the shoes are made in unique shapes, of fine quality and comfortable to wear, uniquely featuring softness, thinness, lightness, strength and elegance. Its flagship is situated at No. 101, North Shaanxi Road, a street populated with China time-honored brands.
Dameihua was among the first enterprises to be titled China Time-honored Brands. It was also given special permission as a supplier producer during the 2010 Shanghai Expo. Its crafts were listed as Intangible Cultural Heritage of Jing’an District in the same year. Two years later, it won the title of Shanghai Famous Brand.
Dameihua Flagship Store on North Shaanxi Road; Dameihua Flagship Store on West Nanjing Road 52283365     62567832 No. 101, North Shaanxi Road                            No. 587, West Nanjing Road
Shanghai Ley’s Pharmaceutical (West Area) Co., Ltd. The word “Ley’s Pharmaceutical known in China and internationally has been operating with honesty for three hundred years” reflects the history of Shanghai Ley’s Pharmaceutical (West Area) Co., Ltd., a China Time-honored Brand company. "Ley’s" was initially founded in the first year of the reign of Emperor Kangxi in the Qing Dynasty(around 1662). It enjoyed development in the Republic of China and has reached its peak in the modern time. In its history of over 300 years, it has developed into a time-honored brand company “whose medicines distributed to countries are all produced in quality, and whose store has been running for one hundred thousand days on the basis of honesty”.
Shanghai Ley’s Pharmaceutical (West Area) Co., Ltd. forges ahead while carrying forward its traditions and making innovations. It has grown into a modern pharmaceutical enterprise integrating production, supply and sale, providing renowned medicals, well-known medicines and famous brands and oriented to industrial development of Comprehensive Health. The company consists of Shanghai Ley's Pharmaceutical City, Shanghai Ley’s Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital and Shanghai Ley’s (West Area) Medicine Retailing Co., Ltd. Its business covers TCM medicines and western medicines, TCM herbal pieces, ginseng antler tonic medicine, medical apparatus and instruments, beauty and health care and other health products and services. The company’s registered trademarks “Ley’s” and “Shanghai Ley’s” are both Famous Trademarks in Shanghai and Shanghai Famous Brands. The company has been honored with the titles of China Time-honored Brand, National Honest Enterprise, Shanghai Quality Gold Award, Shanghai Civilized Company and Top 10 Shanghai Brands in Enterprise Culture Innovation. 
Shanghai Ley's Pharmaceutical City
West Nanjing Road Pharmacy
 Jing'an Pharmacy
Baihetang Pharmacy
 Beijing Pharmacy
Changhua Road Pharmacy
Chengdu Pharmacy
 Xikang Road Pharmacy
Huade Pharmacy
 Jiangning Pharmacy
 Jingzhong Pharmacy
 Kangding Road Pharmacy
Minghua Pharmacy
North Shaanxi Road Pharmacy
Huashan Road Pharmacy
Shanghai TCM Pharmacy,etc.
No. 2, Huashan Road, Jing'an District
No.870, West Nanjing Road,Jing'an District
No.334, Jiangning Road, Jing'an District
No.87, Changning Road, Jing'an District
No.200, Shimen Road Number Two, Jing'an District
 Room 101-103,21, Alley 100, Haifang Road, Jing'an District
 No. 501&503, Dagu Road, Jing'an District
 No. 861, Xikang Road, Jing'an District
No.4, Alley 30, North Shaanxi Road, Jing'an District;                   No. 921-1, Xinzha Road
 No. 266, Xikang, Jing'an District
No.1413-1, Kangding Road, Jing'an District
 No.1055-1, Changshou Road, Jing'an District
 No.111-115, North Shaanxi Road, Jing'an District
No.457, Huashan Road, Jing'an Distric
 No. 43, Shimen Road Number One, Jing'an District
Shanghai Spring Bamboo Enterprise Development Co., Ltd. Spring Bamboo (Group) is a specialized garment company integrated with R&D, design, production marketing. Over 50 odd years, its clothing business, as the dominating business of the Group, pioneered in the industry—backed by the advantage of traditional wool knitting and complete industrial chain—to employ high technologies in product R&D and design. The company takes lead in introducing green concept in wool knitting industry. As a repeated major awards winner, the company’s products are national inspection-free products, and are among China top brands. It won national award for scientific and technological advancement and leading patents in multiple industries, making one of the most innovative domestic garment brands. The company has gradually developed multi-brand competitive advantages, which address the demands of consumers of all levels. No. 833, West Beijing Road, Jing'an District, Shanghai 61031122 No. 833,  West Beijing Road, Jing'an District, Shanghai
Shanghai Haoweijia Food Co., Ltd. The company was founded in November 2002 with registered trademark of “Weijia”. We are a comprehensive company, engaging in R&D, production, processing, sale and trade. Its predecessor was Shanghai-Guangdong Guanyi Food Manufacture Co., Ltd. which started in 1936. Over the past 80 years, we are committed to improving quality service and providing safety, tasty, reliable and economic “Weijia” products to our customers by applying unique formulas, advanced manufacturing technologies. There are three series products, namely, sauce, powder and liquid. There are more than 50 main species and 100 specifications ranging from curry paste, barbeque sauce, white vinegar, white and black pepper, five spice powder, curry powder, fresh chili powder to shrimp sauce. All the products are made or refined from natural plant spices. “Weijia” condiment has been consecutively rated as Shanghai renowned trademark since 2009 and has been holding the title of “Shanghai renowned product” since 1999. It’s been the 8th year for “Weijia” to win the title of Shanghai civilized company.        First Food Store                       San Yang Sheng company (No. 1888, West Nanjing Road)  62480365      13918838728 No. 588, North Zhongshan Road
Shanghai China International Travel Service Ltd. Shanghai China International Travel Service Ltd. (SCITS) was founded in 1954 with a history of 63 years. Currently, it is subordinate to Jinjiang International Group. SCITS is the only travel agency in Shanghai with the title of “China’s time-honored brand” granted by the Ministry of Commerce. In addition, SCITS is among the first batch companies in Shanghai gaining the honorary title of “5A-level travel agency” and “integral enterprise” and is rated as “Shanghai civilized company” in eleven consecutive years. In 2014, SCITS, after being reviewed and approved, has officially become standardized demonstration tourism company in Shanghai and was recommended as one of the third batch of national tourism standardized pilots by Shanghai Municipal Tourism Administration. In 2015, SCITS was the first one to win government quality award in Jing'an district. In 2016, SCITS passed the review of National Tourism Administration and officially became national tourism standardized demonstration company. As one of the backbones in this industry, SCITS not only owns high-quality tourism brands like “Interesting(Youqu)”, “Lucky bird(Fu’niao)” and etc. which are rated as “Shanghai famous trademarks” and “Shanghai famous brands”, but also develops a group of well-trained and dedicated employees. Many teams and individual workers were entitled as ”national civilized youth”, “ model worker collective in Shanghai”, ”pioneer worker”, “model worker”, “national civilized guide”, “women pace-setter in Shanghai”,etc.    No. 1277, West Beijing Road, Shanghai 62898899 5/F, No. 1277,  West Beijing Road