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The “Impressive Suhe Creek: A Financial Sub-Center” Research Project Concluded

Released on:2017-09-26




Du Xuncheng, an expert in financial history studies and a professor of Shanghai University of Finance and Economics; Ma Xueqiang, an expert in urban history studies and a researcher of Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences; Qian Zhi, Director of the Reform Research Division of the Development Research Center of Shanghai Municipal People’s Government; Huang Yongqian, Deputy Director of the Jing’an District Finance Office attended the Review Meeting and commented on the results of the research project.

The “Impressive Suhe Creek: A Financial Sub-Center” research project is themed as “Past, Now, Future”. Its targets are the financial warehouses along Suhe Creek. The project aims to tell stories about the buildings, people and operation activities happening in those warehouses, and sort out a relatively complete historical process through deeply studying fragmentary historical data including related real estate files, household registration files, files of Shanghai Municipal Archives and press data. It is expected that deep studies in the history and culture of Suhe Creek can help spell out the stories of Suhe Creek. Meanwhile, academic research may contribute to the functional positioning of Suhe Creek and the overall regional development.