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Deepen Service for Enterprises and Implement “Strengthening in Three Aspects”

Released on:2017-09-26


The work of providing service for enterprises is challenged by the heavy workload, wide range and difficult tasks. Although workers of departments and sub-districts have made remarkable achievements, they still faced some problems and difficulties during the work. Therefore, it is required for us to grasp the opportunity of emancipating the mind and conducting great debate, seriously consider the key points and entry points for deepening the service for enterprises according to the requirements of Topic 1 proposed by the CPC Shanghai Municipal Committee, and spare no effort to implement “strengthening in three aspects”:

Strengthening professional training. Workers of departments like Jing’an District Administration of Market Supervision, Jing’an District Social Construction Office, Jing’an District Investment Service Office and Jing’an District Branch of Shanghai Municipal Bureau of Local Taxation shall conduct the training in terms of policy for workers of sub-districts providing service for enterprises, increasing efficiency of the training through intelligible words, rich experience and classic cases. The departments, led by Jing’an District Development and Reform Commission, shall collate and compile the current policies of Jing’an District. Departments including Jing’an District Science and Technology Commission, Jing’an District Human Resources and Social Security Bureau and Jing’an District Financial Service Office shall collect the information concerning the sub-districts’ service for enterprises and provide it for training course to improve the professional capacity of workers of sub-districts.

Strengthening the linkage of services. Departments and sub-districts shall make joint efforts to complete the work of providing service for enterprises. Sub-districts shall strengthen the coordination between sub-districts and relevant departments of Jing’an District by virtue of the superiority of location and platform to give a strong support to enterprises in aspects of resources and talents.

Strengthening the communication of information. Departments and sub-districts shall work hand-in-hand to conduct the work of providing service for enterprises. Workers of departments like Jing’an District Investment Service Office, Jing’an District Social Construction Office and Jing’an District Administration of Market Supervision shall enhance the information exchange in terms of service for enterprises. The departments, led by Jing’an District Development and Reform Commission, shall establish a resource database containing information like address, area and rental assessment of commercial buildings for sub-districts and departments to check, providing support for sub-districts to timely conduct service for enterprises.