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Administration Service Center of Jing’an District Unveiled

Released on:2017-09-26


On April 1, the Administration Service Center of Jing’an District was unveiled at No.38, Moling Road. A delegation of the district leaders led by An Lusheng, Lu Xiaodong, Deng Xiaodong, Liu Xie, Bao Yingjing, Pan Zihan, Zhou Haiying and Yao Kai attended the ceremony and jointly unveiled the center.

In accordance with the unified deployment of the Jing’an District Committee and Jing’an District People’s Government, the Administration Service Center of Jing’an District sets up the construction object of “first-class environment, first-class system, first-class procedure, first-class management” to mainly serve for enterprises. The center is the comprehensive service platform of government affairs that integrates license and approval, business consultancy, information disclosure and license making and issuing. A total 23 departments or institutions are in the first group to settle the center, while, 236 affairs are listed in the administrative examination and approval, or other services. Through the optimization of the function of administrative examination and approval, the improvement of administrative efficiency, and the innovation of administrative service patterns, the center vigorously upgrades its service.

The center adopts the combinative service model of “one service window for one department” and “one service window for one center” which refers to that when encountering with a large volume of business and affairs requiring relatively high specialty, the examination and approval function of service departments can be integrated by functional departments to achieve the “one service window in the department”, while, if there are a relatively small volume of business and issues requiring higher standard of examination and approval, services can be provided through the “one service window in the center”. On the one hand, through planning and coordination, the center lists 72 administrative examination and approval affairs of 8 departments into the handling of “one service window in the center”, contributing to the 30% rate of comprehensive service matters, and providing the utmost convenience for enterprises to handle services. On the other hand, 164 administrative examination and approval affairs of 15 departments which have not been listed into the “one service window in the center” will gradually achieve the “one service window in the department” according to the features like large volume of business and relatively high specialty.

Upholding the philosophy of helping customers “reduce efforts, time and procedures” and making service windows “work more orderly, operate more conveniently and enjoy more fair performance”, the Administration Service Center of Jing’an District vigorously promote the construction of new informatization projects, creating innovation breakthrough on aspects such as online approval and service matter management, online approval and service matter data, internet and mobile terminal, and various approvals and services of enterprises in the whole district. In this year, the center strives to fulfill the functions like clients separation, service guidance, service feedback and interaction between government and society, and build the “seven unifications” platform of consultation booking, queuing service, affairs coding, credential handling, service assessment, license issuing and feedback publicity, as well as provide functions like real-time monitoring, appraisal, analysis and warning to create the first-class e-government cloud platform.

Through the strict division of 7 functional zones such as boot sector, waiting area and negotiation area, the center improves the level of standardization and normalization of the service hall; and through the transformation of ventilation and heating equipment, the extension of daylight areas, the renewal of curtain, new supply of electronic newspaper and other patterns, the center beautifies the service environment of the office hall. Meanwhile, with the establishment of sharing self-service terminal and self-service kiosk, the center provides convenience for enterprises to be timely familiar with the conditions of the district, the industrial policies and the service process.