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Accelerate the Regional Construction of Suzhou River and Strive to Build a New Landmark of Central Urban Area of Shanghai

Released on:2017-09-26


“Crossing the Suzhou River”, the two river banks of Suhe Creek will achieve the interconnection. The new region of Suhe Creek of Jing’an District, which embodies the unique background featuring the combination of modern and ancient Shanghai, will be transformed into another “new landmark” of the urban culture in Shanghai.

Jing’an District will further improve the development planning of “One River, Two Banks”, organize and implement the collection of international schemes, integrate the resources of the two banks, enhance the cultural quality; launch the road and bridge construction of Changping to accelerate the improvement of traffic condition of the two banks; and speed up the construction of the central green land of Suhe Creek, facilitate the construction of projects like the North Section of COFCO Project Phase II, Beizhan Community and the Jiahua Business District, in Block 43, as well as promote the expropriation closeout and planning and research of the East Siwen Alley, Shier Community, Blocks 72 and 73, Jiangning Community.

Suhe Creek Investment Holding Co., Ltd. has fully engaged in the development and construction of Suhe Creek and is responsible for the promotion and coordination of major engineering projects of the whole area, and further participates in the adjustment of regional planning scheme, the design and deepening of the plan of urban renewal, and the development and construction of part of the commercial properties in the region. Meanwhile, the company is dedicated to building the national-level human resources parks and innovation pilots of modern financial service industry. In order to accelerate the regional construction of Suzhou River, and build the new landmark of central urban area of Shanghai with all strength, the company makes its due contribution.



Night Scene of Suhe Creek



Aerial View of Suhe Creek