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Capital Square, a New Star of Suhe Creek Core Business District

Released on:2017-09-26


Capital Square, a commercial complex with the integration of business, office and residence which located at the interchange of three metro lines (Metro Line 1, Metro Line 12 and Metro Line 13), was formally opened on September 1. Guests including Lu Xiaodong, Deputy Secretary of the CPC Jing’an District Committee and District Mayor of Jing’an District People’s Government, Zhou Haiying, Deputy District Mayor of Jing’an District People’s Government, Luo Zhenyu, CEO of CapitaLand China, and Gu Weihua, President of Shanghai Shentong Metro Group Co., Ltd., attended the opening ceremony of Capital Square.

It was learned that Capital Square, jointly founded by CapitaLand Limited and Shanghai Shentong Metro Group Co., Ltd., is a new excellent project carried out by CapitaLand Limited after three complexes of Raffles City. Zhou Haiying indicated that “the opening of Capital Square showed that the cooperation between CapitaLand Limited and Jing’an District has marched to a new level. With of the goal of building a high-end commercial housing and first-class business carrier, the project has attracted a group of famous enterprises to settle in and is expected to become an important economic carrier of Suhe Creek Core Business District.”

How to meet the requirements of residents living in the Suhe Creek Core Business District? Journalists have learned that Capital Square boasts its integration of business, office and residence, including excellent shopping malls above the subway station, Grade 5A office buildings and riverside luxury residence. As the most important complex project of CapitaLand Limited in 2017, Capital Square has received the LEED Gold status by virtue of its construction idea of environmental protection. The outward appearance of Capital Square was designed by P&T Group, a famous international design office. Inspired from the winding and extended rivers, Capital Square boasts its podium buildings providing multilevel landscapes and green platforms through retreating, perfect integration of curved lines and circular angles and the pretty shape, giving people a strong visual impact.

Surrounded by numerous creative parks, Capital Square has a strong atmosphere of culture. Luo Zhenyu indicated that Capital Square adhered to the idea of “Step In, Start Up” and the combination of “extension” and “fashion”, sparing no effort to build an excellent business complex based on catering and lifestyle. Capital Square has a comprehensive and balanced layout of business, including 35% for catering industry and 20% accounted for retail, children and lifestyle respectively. Various brand stores, covering such aspects as personalized life, healthy sports and gluttonous feast, have settled in Capital Square, which will meet the high-level requirements of consumers for rich leisure life and high-quality goods consumption and help Jing’an District to solve the problem of the lack of such things in a certain degree. In addition, Capital Square has also attracted exclusive brands and first brands, such as Fun Fondue 1 Restaurant and Jimmy Joe’s Sub. It’s noteworthy that Capital Square also provides a good working environment by virtue of intelligent facilities like intelligent access control system, PM2.5 purification ventilation system and a large number of park areas for new energy autos, successfully attracting numerous farsighted and excellent multinational corporations to settle in, such as Google, WellsFargo and KAO.

Capital Square is the sixth commercial complex owned by CapitaLand Limited in Shanghai. After its opening, Capital Square will conduct a group of theme activities, such as “Sports Family Week”, “Colorful Candy Week” and “Read Slowly, Enjoy Life Happily”. The multi-module theme activity area, consisting of areas like Exquisite Coffee Area, Culture & Art Area and Experience Area, will be able to provide a “slow space” with the integration of food, leisure, entertainment and art to introduce the LOHAS to customers. The project will connect the online and offline businesses based on CapitalStar Membership Platform and give full play to the interaction of multiple businesses to entitle more members.