Development Planning

Released on:2017-10-24


Development Goals


The overall goal of economic and social development of Jing’an District during the 13th Five-Year Plan period is to build an “International Jing’an, a Blessed Place to Realize Dreams” with stronger economic strength, more beautiful environment, more robust democracy, more prosperous culture, more harmonious society and stronger sense of gain for people. By 2020, high-end modern service industry will largely take shape, and the quality and efficiency of economic development will be improved constantly, making Jing’an among the top in terms of reform and innovation results in Shanghai. The position as the urban core area of the world will be highlighted and the international influence of its urban area will be improved significantly. The integration of areas on both sides of Suzhou Creek will be achieved to offer a more efficient and convenient urban transportation system as well as more beautiful environment. The sense of happiness and satisfaction of people will be improved dramatically, and the moderately prosperous society at a higher level will be built, so as to create a dynamic district featuring innovation and entrepreneurship, a well-balanced harmonious district, a beautiful and excellent district, an open international district and a happy district suitable for living and working and make Jing’an the “new benchmark of central downtown as well as the new development light spot of Shanghai”. The specific goals are listed as follows.

 ——To significantly improve the quality and efficiency of economic development. Regional economy will maintain a sustainable and healthy development, and the average annual growth rate of general public budget income will reach 8%. The industrial structure will be optimized constantly, and the proportion of tax in services will reach over 95%. With the gathering of elements of innovation and the improvement of vitality of innovation and entrepreneurship, the number of high-tech enterprises of Jing’an will reach 265, and the environment for innovation development will be improved remarkably. Numerous major breakthroughs will be made in the aspect of comprehensive deepening of reform, and Jing’an will be among the top districts of Shanghai for the construction of intelligent community.

 ——To constantly promote the coordinated development level of the function of the district. The spatial layout of the district will be optimized and the function will be more complete, realizing the high degree of integration of space, resource and culture. The coordinated development between the district and human will be achieved, and the level of social governance and economic development will be raised synchronously. The grass-roots governance system will be more complete, improving the capability of multi-governance of community and autonomy of residents and leading Jing’an to be among the top districts with remarkable social governance innovation of Shanghai City. The public safety management system will be improved, maintaining a safe and stable society and achieving the high-level balanced development of Jing’an District. 

——To improve the comprehensive appearance of the district and promote the management level of the district. The regeneration of the city will be conducted orderly, and the reconstruction of residential houses of old lanes and alleys below Grade II will be completed basically. Except that 98 roads in the district has been comprehensively reconstructed and upgraded, the systematic and comprehensive governance of back lanes has also been conducted to build a more complete road traffic network. By constructing 70,000 m2 of public green space and 60,000 m2 of vertical planting in 2017, a more beautiful urban ecological environment was realized. The environmental quality of the district will be improved constantly, and Jing’an will be among the top districts for good comprehensive assessment result on city appearance and environment. The level of resource conservation and intensive utilization will be raised dramatically, and the energy consumption quantity per added-value of the district will be maintained at a relatively low level of Shanghai City. The delicacy management level of the district will be promoted and Jing’an will become the benchmarking district for urban management of Shanghai. 

——To constantly strengthen the cultural influence and international radiation of the district. The economic concentration of headquarters will be in a leading position in China and at a relatively high level in the world. The environment for investment and business operation will be more mature after being geared to international standards, and the capability of global resource allocation of the district will be improved, highlighting the core status of Jing’an District in the construction of Shanghai as a modern international metropolis. With the holding of rich and wonderful international exchange activities, the multicultural exchange will be deepened, and the influence and radiation of the brand of the district will be strengthened significantly. The achievement of creating national civilized urban district will be consolidated, and the civilization quality of citizens as well as the degree of civilization of the district will be further improved. 

——To constantly increase the sense of gain and the degree of satisfaction of people. More efforts will be made to protect and improve people’s livelihood, and the income level and life quality of residents will be improved. A more robust public service system will be established, which will further improve the degree of equalization. The social security and community-based relief system will be further perfected. The social old-age service system will be built basically, and the construction of elderly-friendly district will be accelerated. The level of modernization of education will be promoted and the physical fitness of citizens will be improved, constantly increasing the sense of happiness and sense of gain of people.