Catholic Church of St.Teresa of The Child Jesus, Lisieux

Released on:2006-10-25


The building at No. 370, Datian Road is a towering Gothic church. It seems that time is at a standstill here. Two high bell towers give out golden light in the sunshine and give people many reveries, which seem true and at the same time, distant. This is the Catholic Church of St. Teresa of The Child Jesus.

The Catholic Church was named after a French Saint, Teresa of The Child Jesus. Two possible reasons why the church was built here were mentioned, apart from the historical factions of China at that time. One is that two foreign priestrs of Nanjing Middle School Attached to Zhengdan University, were shot dead, which caused the agitation of foreign priests in Shanghai. So following the advocating of the French Bishop Yao Zongli, they prayed to the guarding saint of the missionary district and vowed that if the church would get through the difficulties, they would build her a church. Another saying is that Pope advocate to respect the Saint, to which as a response, the Saint, to which as a response, the church was named St. Teresa of The Child Jesus.

The life around the church remailned quitet and peaceful during so many years. And people are attracted by its noble flavor. Walking around it, they will feel moved and delighted by its bright profile in sunset, or by its shadow prolonged by the road lamp.