Kangding Garden

Released on:2006-10-25


On the joint border of Anthearst Road and Kangnaotuo Road, sits a building of unique expressions. It is both influenced by the worldly prosperity of Anthearst Road, and at the same time sends forth the seriousness and quietness of Kangnaotuo Road. Under the collision of different cultures, this building is a mixture of various cultural maarks, showing off its particular ability of absorbing all elements. Today, it is occupied by Shanghai Shenkang Investment Company Ltd. However, it was once used by Shanghai Hospital for the Prevention and Control of Stomatological Diseases and Shanghai Children's Hospital. The real name of the building is Kangding Garden.

Kangding Garden bears the ancient Roman characteristics, it has the nobleness of French, and also the luxuries of Baroque style. It even shows some Indian and Malaysian charms in some parts. Maybe, we can just call this style the haischool style. In fact, the mingling of styles created the three characteristics of the hai-school style: all-embracing, practical, and creative. Judging from spiritual perspective, it can reflect the spiritual essence of a city and a time.