Former Medical College of Tongji University

Released on:2006-10-25


The lane where Shanghai Opera House is, looks common. When you walk to the end of the lane, you'll suddenly see the light. A garden covered with trees and flowers, which is about 600m2, shows its former graces. The grass, old and rare trees, and chairs and desks for people to rest upon suddenly bring relaxation to people. Deep in the garden, is the three-storey-high old house of Shanghai Opera House.

The building itself reflects the French Neo-Classic style. The house faces south, with its entrance facing east. The main building is very grand. So, judging at a distance, it has the beauty of classism, while judging the details, it's much simpler. The whole architecture gives an integral sense of seriousness. What's more, the axis is emphasized, and the whole building is well symmetrical, which is in accorcance with the symmetry principal of Neo-Classism.

From 1955, the house they left has been used as the Shanghai Opera House.