Released on:2006-10-25


Houses in this lane are typical lane houses in Shanghai in 1920s and 1930s, especially the Chen's house at the end of the lane. It used to be a private house of Chen Chuxiang, general manager of former Huacheng Tobacco Company. The appearances of the four side of the house looking different with balconies and side buildings built and the colors of the bricks of the outer wall are splendid. Now its appearance is still the same as that of the original one though its owner is different. At present some Shanghai families are living in this house.

Yongquanfang named after Yongquanbang and built in 1936, has an area of 0.5 hectare with 16 buildings. They were the new style lane house of the later period with period with arcade-house in a unique style and Romanesque columns at the doorway. Though the lane is not too long but the path is wide with Spanish style houses eaecting on the both sides of the lane. The most attracting is the Moller style building at the end of the lane with heavy doors locked tightly. With its colorful brick wall it looks just like a wonderland.

No. 24 building in Yongquanfang is a typical Spanish style fourstorey house with gentle-slope roofs. Porches and balconies on the south side were built decorated with flower-like iron rail fence. To show its castle intention the roofs are varying in height and the four sides are different. And its doors and windows are also vary in shapes and sizes with splendid carvings and decorations. It was a model house of the first class residential houses in 1930s but it was little known because it was built in a quiet place and surrounded by trees.